The Types of Plumbing Pipes You Can Expect to Work with

While plumbing requires professional plumbers to install the pipes, you can also install the pipes by yourself. With extra motivation, you can graduate to the big league.
Nevertheless, as you install the pipes, sometimes it can be difficult to choose the correct type, especially with new pipes in the market. Back in the day, galvanized steel pipes ruled the industry. Not anymore.

Take a look at some of the pipes you may come across in your home.

PVC Pipes (Polyvinyl Chloride)

PVC Pipes (Polyvinyl Chloride)

Plumbers use these pipes in the vent and drainage lines and have been in the industry for a while now. One of the reasons why many plumbers prefer this pipe to traditional galvanized steel pipes is the ease of installation and its light nature.
If you’re a handy person, then PVC installation will require solvents such as glue to join the pipes, a miter box and a hacksaw.

Don’t worry about identifying the pipes because the white surface on the pipe indicates their diameters. If the surface is worn out and you can’t read the figure, you can use a Pi-Piper to determine the diameter.

Flexible Copper Tubing

Flexible Copper Tubing
If you examine the pipe the leading to your water heater, you’ll see a copper tube which supplies water to it. Since these pipes are flexible, you can cut through using a hacksaw and bend them to fit in tight spots and corners.

However, it’s advisable to use these pipes in lower temperatures since they don’t do well in extreme temperatures such as those experienced outside the house.


This is another favorite for DIY enthusiasts. The PEX pipes are color-coded for easier identification and flexible which makes it easy to install even for the amateur plumbers.

For example, you can make a 90-degree curve to cut corners around the house. You can use PEX pipes for supply lines.

Rigid Copper

Rigid Copper
This type of pipe is next level installation after PEX. If you’re a determined DIYer, then you can install this pipe with ease. Otherwise, this is a job for the pro-plumbers such as Fast Plumbers company.

Similar to the flexible copper tubing, you can cut through this pipe using a hacksaw, a copper cutter or a Skilsaw. The reason why this pipe requires a professional comes in when connecting the pipes. One needs a skilled hand to solder the pipes together.

Once you master this skill, you can connect these pipes for your water supply since they don’t pose health risks as the PVC does.

Galvanized Steel

Galvanized Steel
When you mention plumbing, galvanized steel pipes are the first to pop in the mind. It’s what many people associate plumbing with. Their installation is easy since joining them requires screwing both ends.

While they are easy to install, it’s recommended that new homeowners don’t install this without the blessing of a professional plumber.


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You may confuse the ABS pipe with the PVC pipe, but the former is black in color. However, it’s the PVC that is “guilty” of the confusion since it’s an improved version of the ABS which is no longer accepted in the plumbing industry.

Similar to PVC pipes, the ABS is also used in vent and drainage pipes. Instead of adding more ABS pipes, replace them with PVC pipes.

Now you know which pipe to use for every occasion. In addition, you know which pipe you can install by yourself and which ones require a professional plumber.

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