Best Plants to Use in Baby Groot Flower Pot
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5 Best Spots To Place Your Baby Groot Flower Pot

Baby Groot Flower Pot

Superheroes have always been there for us in the form of escapism from all of our everyday troubles. Characters like Groot has taught us so much — the meaning of friendship, sacrifice, and innocence — and instantly put a big smile on everyone’s faces. So, whether you are a die-hard Marvel fan or not, you will love this baby Groot flower pot. It isn’t just adorable but a functional vessel to hold your miniature plants. But it is pretty confusing to decide where to place the planter. No worries, here we have presented you with ideas, that won’t just add value to the space, but also keep your plants alive. Let’s dig in.

What Is It?

Baby Groot flower pot is a highly-detailed baby Groot merchandise, designed to be not just a collectible but a functional planter. On top of his head, there is an opening meant for planting or holding things. The planting space isn’t big, however; enough for miniature plants.

At the bottom, there is a drain hole, from where the excess water leaks out. This feature prevents the soil from getting too saturated with moisture.

If you look closely, the item carries all the Groot’s characteristics — signature brown color, green plant-like veins, and wide eyes filled with innocence. Stare long enough, and you would surely fall completely in love with it. The details are what makes this product a must-have for any Marvel fan.
What Is It

The item comes in different styles, with baby Groot making a bunch of different poses. For instance, there is a figure where Groot’s happily cheering with his hands in the air, whereas in another pose, he is starring quietly. There are around nine popular styles you can choose from, depending on your preference.

Best Spots to Place Your Baby Groot Flower Pot

Where you should place it depends directly on what plant you have chosen. Just because a plant looks good in a certain space, doesn’t mean it should be placed there. In contrast to common belief, most of the houseplants need a considerable amount of sunlight to thrive. And not getting enough would kill them shortly. On the contrary, some of them require shade for the most part of the day. Therefore, never place the plants without giving it a thought.

Still can’t figure out? Don’t worry, here are few compelling ideas that might prove helpful:

Kid’s Room

What kid won’t love having a Baby Groot Flower Pot in his room. Superheroes inspire children, and characters like Groot are the best example of it. His innocence symbolizes the innocent heart of a child, thereby making it a popular first choice amongst many children. It could make a great addition to that space, given the fact of how cute the figure looks.
Kid’s Room
To make it more appealing, you can put flowers there, which goes with the interior. Or, you can use it as a pen holder for the child so that he doesn’t lose his stuff. For the record, the material is non-toxic, and it is completely safe to be around kids.

Working Desk

When boredom gets the best of you, it becomes hard to work, right? By placing this adorable little dude, you can fix your mood. It will keep you company with its cute smile and innocent face. Plus, you could use your favorite scented flowers to kill the rugged vibe of a working environment. Trust us, it always works.

If you don’t like plants, that’s fine. You can simply use it as a decoration to keep you entertained. Or, you can make it a holder for your losable items, like pens, and other tiny things.

By A Window

As mentioned earlier, some indoor plants need a good deal of sunshine to survive; therefore, the best place would be by the window. On the other hand, there are some who are sensitive to direct sunlight. That is why you should be extra careful in deciding which species to plant.

Note that the glass filters some of the high-intensity light, and the direction of the window matters as well. The window facing the sun direction would have the brightest light, whereas the ones facing the other side would have less intensity. So, choose accordingly.

On A Stand

Your beautiful Baby Groot Flower Pot deserves an elegant stand to look more prominent. There are millions of stand design options available for indoor planters. For instance, a succulent ladder stand is pretty famous, which can be the best spot to place the planter.

It can lean against any wall and have a small footprint. So, you wouldn’t have any trouble deciding its location.

In addition to that, you can go greener by adding other styles of baby Groot flower pot to the stand. It would look more impressive if you chose the right combination of the plants.

In Your Bedroom

Keep it close to you in your bedroom, and it will help you feel alive. Its charming smile will brighten up your space. By placing it on the side of your bed or in the corner will make everything more appealing. For this, the best style would be the dancing and glowing baby Groot flower pot — a relatively bigger version of the planter, made from fluorescent material that glows in the dark. Even though the glow is dim, it would give out a magical feel.

Best Plants to Use in Baby Groot Flower Pot

Place Your Baby Groot Flower Pot
With only three inches of depth, there is not much room in the planter for bigger plants. You should go for miniature ones with a not-so-long root network, like tiny cactus and succulents. Few of them are mentioned here, along with their availability of the sunlight.

  • Baby Toes (Indirect sunlight)
  • Chinese Money Plant (Partial shade)
  • Echeveria (Partial or full sun)
  • Kalanchoe (Indirect sun)
  • Jade plant (Full sun)
  • Lithops (Indirect sun)
  • Snake plant (Indirect sun)
  • The string of pearls (Indirect sun)
  • Bunny Ears Cactus (Shade or even bright light)
  • Saguaro Cactus (Direct light)
  • Easter Cactus (Direct light)
  • Star Cactus (Direct light)
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