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5 Best DIY Power Tools to Start Woodworking

5 Best DIY Power Tools to Start Woodworking

The joy of being able to craft all your domestic wooden furniture by yourself is an incredible experience. However, you don’t learn to craft furniture in a day. It takes years for a person to master the skills needed to give shape and form to their furniture ideas. However, it’s worth it, as it’s not only about saving money that you would probably have to spend if you hire professional carpenters. It’s also about the ecstatic feeling of learning a craft and mastering it.

If you are aspiring to fulfil all your wooden furniture requirements on your own, then you need best power tools to transform chunks and pieces of wood into something useful. In this blog, we will check out five of the best DIY power tools to get you going in the world of woodworking.

#1: Planer: DEWALT DW735X

DEWALT is a brand that’s known for manufacturing some of the finest wooding cutting and shaping tools, and the DEWALT DW735X Planer is one of the company’s best offerings in planers. Even though this planer’s price is a bit on the higher side, its features more than justify it, with the planer boasting of a 20,000 RPM motor. Cut optimization is possible thanks to the two-speed gearbox, allowing users to change the feed speed. The cutter head features three powerful knives.

In terms of downsides, the planer only has two major flaws and they are its weight and the prices of replacement knives. Weighing more than a hundred pounds, it’s not the best planer to buy if you are looking for something lighter that offers more portability. Prices of replacement knives are also quite expensive, which can be a financial burden once the three-year warranty period is up.

Even though this is ideally a professional’s device, it would be great for a beginner as well if there’s a stationary workshop available. If you want more lightweight options, you can check out the following link: https://www.thewrenchguy.com/best-planers/


  • Motor with a max speed of 20,000 RPM
  • Cutter head with three knives
  • Three-year warranty period
  • Two-speed gearbox enabling feed speed changes


  • May feel too heavy for beginners
  • Expensive product with expensive spare parts

#2: Table Saw: SKIL 3410-02 10-inch

If beginners want a portable table saw that generates professional results, then no table saw comes close to the SKIL 3410-02 10-inch model. This portable table saw can be stored and used in any room, as it comes with a foldable stand. Once you are done using the table saw, you can fold it up and save space. Ideal for beginners who have small work areas, the SKIL 3410-02 offers precise cuts as well. Even though it is one of the smaller table saws in the market, it still packs a punch with its big blade.

While it’s great for people operating in tight spaces, if you have space, you would be better off purchasing a bigger table saw without the portability feature.


  • Portable table saw with a foldable stand
  • Long-lasting blade and durable build
  • Accurate cuts
  • Big blade for semi-heavy-duty applications


  • May not be satisfactory for beginners with large workshop spaces

#3: Random Orbital Sander: Bosch 1250DEVS

If you’re looking for a really powerful random orbital sander for honing your sanding skills, the Bosch 1250DEVS is a great option. Its 6.5-amp motor packs quite a punch and if you are sanding a really thick and tough type of wood, the “turbo mode” can be incredibly handy. The soft torque start allows users to be in control of this powerful sander and you can count on it not to go flying out from your hands.
Random Orbital Sander Bosch 1250DEVS
In terms of sanding raw pieces of wood, there probably is no better sander. However, if you are looking towards producing smooth finishes, then you should pick another random orbital sander. Another major downside of this sander is its price, with Bosch having set an incredibly high price tag for a machine whose competitors are offering machines just a notch below at a fraction of the price of this one.


  • Users can select from two speed options
  • Smooth start facilitating greater control
  • 6.5-amp motor


  • High price point
  • Will not satisfy users looking for a smooth finish

#4: Plunge Router: Triton TRA001

The Triton TRA001 is currently the ultimate pick as far as plunge routers are concerned. Yes, it’s big and heavy, and yes, it will look complex and to some beginners, overwhelming. However, once you get the hang of it, it’s really easy to use. Setting this plunge router up is a piece of cake and so is making accurate adjustments. The soft-start feature is great for beginners who are not familiar with controlling powerful plunge routers.

However, the shields can collect a lot of dust, but as this is a common problem that is more or less apparent in all plunge routers, it isn’t too much of a drawback that should make you look for an alternative.


  • Works as both plunge router and fixed-based router
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Accurate adjustments can be made easily
  • Powerful


  • Shields tend to develop dust build-ups

#5: Compound Miter Saw: DEWALT DWS780

Another DEWALT power tool in the form of the DEWALT DWS780, a compound miter saw, makes this list. Compound miter saws are essential for making angled cuts and this one is one of the best out there. It is a 12-inch saw that is extremely portable, making it ideal for beginners. The XPS cross-cut positioning system, a feature considered revolutionary in the power tools industry, allows for efficient cuts, perfect for those who want to finish their woodwork fast.
Compound Miter Saw DEWALT DWS780
The machine is made powerful and durable by the 3,800 RPM, 15-amp motor. Its durability makes it perfect not just for beginners to hone their woodworking skills, but also for professionals to use on a regular basis for a long time. The lack of adjustable bearings is the only major downside of this compound miter saw.


  • Portable and powerful
  • Revolutionary positioning system for efficient cuts
  • 3,800 RPM, 15-amp motor


  • No adjustable bearings

So, let your woodworking journey begin in earnest after you purchase the aforementioned power tools!

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