5 Advisory Tips to Keep Your House Cool Without the AC


keep your house cool

Today’s generation has become accustomed to the comforts that were unthinkable for our elders. Many of us shudder to think about how people used to survive before the internet and cell phones. Air conditioners are another object of addiction for us.

While the comforts are tempting, not everyone can afford them to the same extent. Every luxury, demands an equal cost, and yes, an air conditioner is a luxury. What’s worse, it is not always good for your health. You have other options available to help you deal with the hot summers just as efficiently, but with lesser hazard to the health. Velux roof windows provide one such alternative for the AC.

Follow the easy and simple tips given below for even ways to keep your house cool in the summer without using the AC full throttle;

1. Blinds and Curtains

Keeping the blinds or curtains drawn shut during the daytime is an excellent way of combating hot weather. It may seem common sense, but sometimes simple things can help the most. Analysts claim that almost 30% of heat in an average house comes from the windows. Curtains can help reduce the heat up to 20 degrees.

In the United Kingdom, it is more beneficial if you install south and west-facing windows. With innovative architecture, you may even turn your house into a miniature greenhouse. Finally, make sure to install black curtains. They block the sunlight naturally and insulate the room.

2. Clever Use of Fan

Fill a bowl with crushed ice and place it in front of the fan on an angle that the air ricochets off the bowl. This makes the air chilled and misty. It’s a magical experience in a heatwave.

You must adjust the rotation of your ceiling fan seasonally. Under optimal conditions, your fan must rotate counter-clockwise in the summer. This will create an effect that is comparable to a chilly breeze. Many people complain of the uselessness of sitting under a fan in summer. They will see the results once they reverse the polarity.

3. Ventilation

Make sure to close the doors of unused rooms in the day. This will prevent those areas of your house from permeating heat. Take advantage of the cooler nights and let fresh air sweep through your home. Use exhaust fan in the kitchen and bathroom to get rid of hot or steamy air.

4. Sleep Low

Hot air rises; it is a fundamental principle of physics. Sleep on the lower floor or in the basement. You can also spread a mattress on the floor. This is one of the simplest ways of having a restful sleep in the summer.

5. Modifications

You can make some adjustments to your home and lifestyle that will help you immensely in not only surviving but enjoying the summer. Insulated windows also provide thermal proofing. They neither let the hot air permeate inside nor the cool atmosphere escape outside. Plant trees or vines near light-facing windows. Make minimal use of indoor kitchen and start cooking outdoors. Eliminate the use of incandescent lights.

These simple methods apply to everyone. They can help you keep your house cool without using the AC.

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