4 Ways to Make Your Home Wheelchair Friendly

If you or a family member are dealing with an injury or an illness, or if you are planning on selling your house and adding some assets, then it’s essential to adapt your house in order to make it easier to manoeuvre in a wheelchair. Here are our 4 tips to make your home wheelchair friendly.

Wheelchair ramp

If your house has steps, then you’re going to need to consider installing a ramp to allow easier access for a wheelchair. We advise choosing a concrete or aluminium ramp because they’re long-lasting and easy to maintain. Wooden ramps can be very slippery, so try to avoid them if possible. You can also add handrails to maximize the accessibly of the entrance of your home.
Wheelchair ramp

Exterior and parking

Accessing your garden and entrance is as important as accessing your living room, so make sure to remove any obstacles such as plants or steps. We also recommend a flat driveway. If you have a garage, it must be spacious enough to accommodate a mobility car and a wheelchair. Remote-controlled gates are also recommended, so the driver doesn’t have to get out of the car.

The bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most common places for accidents because it is easy to slip and fall. That’s why we recommend a walk-in shower or a wet room. You can also attach a grab rail or a shower bench for optimum safety. If your bathroom has a cabinet under the sink, make sure to remove it to provide clearance for a wheelchair.
The bathroom

The kitchen

The most used part of the house, the kitchen, must be adapted to all household tasks. The worktop must have an adjustable height as well as large sinks with free space for legs.

Choose adjustable storage units with adjustable height and sliding doors. Induction hobs are preferable to gas as they are easier to adjust and with no naked flame, a safer option. Side opening oven doors are also now available to allow easier access.

Adapting a house can be expensive, but there is financial help available, which can reduce your costs. For wheelchair users, moving around a house can quickly become a real obstacle course. By implementing these modifications, you can provide yourself or your loved ones with a safe home environment.

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