4 Ways to Get Rid Of Green Pond/Pool Water


Get Rid Of Green Pool

It’s quite obvious that, maintaining a pond/pool water clean is not an easy task. Sometimes ponds get filled with green, a single-celled alga, which is very harmful to the human body or fishes (if your pond contains). It is one of the standards and challenging problems that people face in their ponds.

However, it is necessary to control and stop the problematic issue very soon; otherwise, it grows more, and then it becomes more difficult to clean. You should not worry about this challenging problem because green ponds can easily get cleaned in a few steps.

Numerous long-lasting ideas can help in maintaining a better and balanced system with time. You should follow all the following given steps for naturally cleaning the dirty green water pond of your house. There are some good pond filters with UV purifier mentioned on 10 Decors that works perfectly. But, apart from pond filters, you can do a lot more to keep it clean.

Many ponds require monthly cleaning, and others require around a year after cleaning; however, you should try to clean your pond after some months to avoid huge algae problems. However, many people complain that after cleaning the pond every month, they still face green pond problems.

Surely there can be a problem related to a water source or the presence of organic matter that is not visible from above. These problems can easily cause the growth of algae in the pond during summer seasons. Let us fix these green pond problems by given natural steps.

Why Pond Water Turned to Green?

Why Pond Water Turned to Green

Usually, you should clean and maintain the natural water in your pond every month. However, many people complain about green pond water in their house, so this green water gets naturally caused by the algae because of the presence of imbalanced nutrients in your pond. The primary belief of experts is that a large amount of presence of nitrates and phosphates can cause the growth of algae at any time.

Reasons behind the presence of nitrates and phosphates

There can be various reasons behind the occurrence of nitrates and phosphates in your pond. Some of the ideas have given below:

  1. Sludge: The presence of mud in the pond can be one of the reasons behind the existence of nitrate and phosphate inside the lake.
  2. Organic waste: Secondly, many organic matters such as grass clippings, fish waste, and other products can bloom up nitrates and phosphates naturally. It helps in providing the right amount of food to the growth of algae in the pond.
  3. Fish waste: Also, the presence of too many fish in the clean pond can easily cause the growth of nutrients, and thus, food for algae growth increases. The process is that when any fish produces waste in the lake, that waste includes a large number of nutrients after breaking, and then this nutrient gradually becomes food item for the algae’s growth.
  4. Lack of plants: It gets believed that the presence of a large number of plants can avoid the growth of algae. It is one of the significant facts because plants also consume nutrients, and it helps in competing with algae food. Thus, algae do not get food for growth, and then you will have clean as well as an algae-free pond in your house.

How To Get Rid Of Green Water?

How To Get Rid Of Green Water

You should follow these necessary steps to avoid the growth of algae in your pond easily, the presence of algae is the primary reason for green water. List of facts have given below:

  1. Focus on the reduction of sludge by cleaning: It is one of the essential steps that you should always keep your pond free from sludge materials. You can quickly reduce the growth of algae by cleaning sludge efficiently from the lake because slurry helps in providing an excess amount of nutrients to the algae, and thus it grows accordingly. You can use the pond net cleaner for treating sludge problems from smaller ponds; however, you need to construct a vacuum in the lake if you have a large pond area in the house. It is an effortless way to clean the sludge properly from the pond, and you can easily enjoy summers. The net and vacuum can easily cover the dry leaves and other sludge material from the lake.
  2. Do not load many fishes: You should try to keep your pond free from fishes. However, if you want to pack some fishes, then you should not include koi and goldfish in your pond. These two fishes help in producing many nutrients in the lake, and then chances of the growth of algae increase gradually. Thus, you should not prefer loading these fishes in your pond. However, if you are having a large number of goldfish in your pond, then you should avoid feeding them excess food because mainly the lake consists of necessary food materials for goldfish.
  3. Grow more plants: You should try to load more plants in the pond. The natural presence of plants can easily prevent the growth of the algae. Plants usually have nutrients as their food and fulfill their requirement of hunger. Thus, they help entirely in competing with algae by having all nutrients from the pond. Plants also help in providing a natural environment by offering shelter to fishes, and it also helps in shading the entire pond with greenery. You should focus on growing more plants in the lake because it one of the best facts which help to decrease the green algae.
  4. Ultraviolet clarifier: You should try this vital step after following the above three ones and not getting perfect solutions from them. The Ultraviolet Clarifier helps in removing the green single-celled algae from the pond efficiently by using the ultraviolet rays coming directly from the sun. The ultraviolet clarifier contains different-sized device material that helps in treating the algae production issue very quickly. It is effortless to install and operate for eliminating the growth of algae from the pond.

Final Words

These steps can help you in cleaning the dirty algae-filled pond very quickly. You must make some efforts to your lake/pool, and you can gradually find your pool free from green water. The green algae can affect your body and can lead to death of fishes (if you’re having fishes inside the pond); thus, you should clean your pond area very fast before it starts affecting the surroundings and environment.

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