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State of the art repair services offered

A generator comes with a complex mechanical and electronic mechanism and repairing it should be left only to the experts. People do not have issues in spending money on buying these appliances. However, when it comes to repair work, they aim at getting the cheapest possible service provider without paying attention to quality.

A&J Generator & Equipment, LLC is a state of the art service provide for home generator repair services. The company has a highly experienced team with delivers best standard services in every area. Here is what this top notch company puts on the table for its customers.

1. State of the art repair services offered

Generator Repair
Is your generator making a shrieking noise? Are you witnessing sparks? Our professional repair team has the skills to deal with all such problems and that too with complete efficiency. The company has a professional experience of 25 years so can be rest assured about the standard delivered.

It can be a problem for any customer when he hires an amateur technician to get his generator fault repaired. Even if fortunately, the problem gets resolved, you may end up with a bigger one resulting in more money being spent. Our team analyses the fault, provides customers with a repair plan and cost. After that, the execution is done. In a nutshell, we follow a systematic process so that the problem is solved permanently.

2. Professional installation for all generator brands

Power outage can be a serious issue to deal with. Particularly when you talk of hospitals, as they deal with human lives, quality generators are mandatory for them. When you talk about installing them, it is not something that a standard electrician can do. Only experts can complete the process without any errors. Always remember that if installations are not done properly, you can end up with long term functional problems.

We have a highly experienced team of technical personnel to help customers with their installation requirements. You can contact us for all brands and get the setup completed at very economical rates. The highest priority for is complete customer satisfaction. None of our customers have any complaints once we are done with a generator installation job.

3. Opt for our impressive generator rental services

Opt for our impressive generator rental services
At times, customers need generators for a short while. For instance, there may be a power breakdown in your house and the repair work requiring a week. To meet this short term requirement, you can contact for rental options.

We offer generators with different power variants ranging from 10 KW to 1000 KW. People get in touch with us for both commercial and residential purposes. You do not need to arrange for any kind of transportation. We have a team that delivers the equipment at your doorstep and then picks it up once you are done. Customers can get in touch with at any hour of the day whenever they feel it is appropriate. Our company has a 24/7 customer support section so that your requirements are met without the delay of a minute.

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