4 Ways to Bring Excitement to a White Kitchen

When it comes to interior design, you can’t go wrong with a white kitchen. This staple option is both timeless and classy, and are typically installed in new build homes. Darlington, for example, is rich with stunning new build homes featuring beautiful crisp kitchen designs. 

But if you’re keen to add a touch of excitement to your white kitchen, have no fear. There are plenty of ways to bring the excitement into a white kitchen without having to completely renovate it. 

Here are some designer-approved recommendations to help breathe life back into a kitchen.

Use Lighting to Set the Mood

All-white kitchens are at risk of becoming cold environments without well-thought out lighting. Lamps with warm bulbs can be used to warm up a white kitchen. Either table lamps or taller lamps on the floor can be used, with floor lamps adding height and interesting viewpoints to the room. 

Using interesting and stylish lampshades can also create visual landmarks to add dimensions to otherwise simple new build homes. Uplighter Lamps are a great example of a modern floor lamp that would be a find addition to any kitchen. Any wires from these lamps should be well hidden to create a cleaner look.

For a more permanent lighting solution, strip lighting can be installed underneath kitchen cabinets. Warm bulbs being used here can create a lovely, welcoming environment to cook in, especially during those long winter nights.

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Create a Rustic Look with Wooden Elements

White kitchens are the perfect blank canvas for any style, including rustic. Adding more rustic elements to a white kitchen, such as wooden shelves and beams, can inject some character into the space, while also introducing some visual variety.

If this is out of budget, however, there are some cheaper solutions. Wooden chopping boards and kitchen accessories placed strategically can be used to achieve the same effect. Coordinating their placement with additional lighting can also be a highly effective means of transforming a space.

Introduce New Hardware

Creating a more exciting vibe in a white kitchen can be achieved through subtle means. A change of handles, pulls, and knobs can create very noticeable results in a white space. Matte black hardware can create a contrast with the white cabinets its set against, adding more dimension to a kitchen.

Brass can add some glamour and match excellently with more brass accessories on the countertops. If matched appropriately with wooden elements, an antiquated look can be created. This method may be especially effective at adding a touch of vintage class to kitchens in new build homes. Darlington Uplighter Lamps will help to set a cosy mood in the space. 

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Add a Rug to the Room

Rugs are an extremely powerful tool for making a white kitchen exciting. The possibilities afforded by the colours and textures from rugs are endless; there are options for every kind of aesthetic approach. An Afghan rug, for example, can be used in conjunction with other elements to create a more rustic look in a modern, white kitchen.

Placing a rug can be difficult, especially in larger rooms, and getting its placement right is important. Laying a rug by the sink is a guaranteed win, as it will create a soft surface underfoot while cleaning, making the washing up a far more enjoyable process. Rugs can be practical as well as eye-catching in a kitchen.

These are just some ideas that can be utilised to liven up a white kitchen. These additions will ensure that your kitchen space will become timeless, regardless of if they are situated in a new build home, and will help them stand out from the crowd. 

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