Should You Repair or Replace Your Garage Door?


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A garage door is an important feature of any home, not only is it an integral part of the security of your property, but it also contributes significantly to the aesthetic appeal of your house. As a result, it is somewhat surprising that it is often a part of the home that is largely ignored until something goes wrong. 

A damaged or faulty garage door can leave your property not only insecure but also pose a health and safety risk. So, it is important that any faults are rectified as quickly as possible. However, how do you know whether that fault can be repaired, or your garage door will need to be replaced? Listed below are some of the common issues that arise with garage doors, and advice on how to make an informed decision on whether to repair or replace your garage door. 

One thing is certain though if you choose to undertake garage door repairs in Bolton or anywhere else in the UK it is important to use the services of a professional. Garage Doors need specialist knowledge and equipment to repair them, as a result, you should always consult a professional. 

So, what are some of the problems you can encounter, listed below are three common problems that can be fixed and help avoid the cost of a replacement garage door? 

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Your Garage Door Appears to be Sagging 

If you find your garage door only closes halfway, the first thing to check is, does it appear lower on one side than the other? This is a sign your garage door is imbalanced and putting excessive wear and tear on the lifting mechanism. When a garage door starts to sag it is likely that the spring has started to wear. This leads to one side of the door being heavier than the other and putting uneven stress on the lifting mechanism. This can be easily resolved by replacing the springs and rehanging your door. 

Your Garage Door Appears Heavier Than It Should Be

As we have stated before the purpose of springs within the mechanism is to help lift the garage door. Due to the weight of a garage door and the fact that they are used regularly means they are susceptible to damage. When your door becomes heavier it is a sign that once again there is a possibility that your springs are damaged. Again this is a relatively simple fix for a qualified garage door engineer. 

Damage to a Single Panel

There is no point in putting off repairing your garage door if it has been physically damaged. The key to successful garage door repairs in Bolton or anywhere else is to deal with the problem quickly. Most garage doors are manufactured in a way that individual panels can be swapped out if they become damaged. However, as with a rust spot on your car if you ignore the problem it will probably spread and lead to a much more costly repair or indeed replacement. 

While repairing your existing garage door is always preferable to paying for a replacement it may not always be possible to do so.

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Your Garage Door is Significantly Damaged

There are some circumstances where getting your garage door repaired will end up costing more than a replacement. If you have a number of damaged panels or a completely faulty mechanism the cost of replacement and the inconvenience caused will outweigh any benefits of repair. In such cases, the sensible thing is to search for a replacement. 

Your Garage Door is Old and Unsightly

While a lick of paint can often help improve the look of your garage door, the truth is garage door design has changed significantly over the years. Modern garage doors are not only more in line with current fashion trends they are designed for the latest model of car. A new contemporary garage door cannot but help increase the value of your home. 

The latest garage doors all come with enhanced security features ensuring your home remains not only aesthetically pleasing but safe and secure. 

Ultimately the decision as to whether to replace your garage door rests with you alone, however, hopefully, some of the information contained here will allow you to make a more informed decision. 

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