4 Things You Should Regularly Get Checked at Your Home

Could there be anything better than a happy and healthy home? If you are the proud owner of a house and aren’t giving it the attention you should be, then this article is for you. It’s very important to look after your home because you could be saving yourself from incurring costs in damage, or it could even prove dangerous to you. In today’s article, we’ve provided you with 4 main items you should regularly get checked to maintain a healthy home and a healthy you.



Plumbing is very important and should be checked regularly. No one wants to pay an exorbitant water bill, do they? Make sure that no pipes are leaking; pipes at home should be checked on a regular basis. Check your sinks on a routine basis as well and scan the ceiling of each room to ensure that there are no water stains – such stains are the perfect indicators of leaks. Furthermore, check to see if your faucets or the flapper of your toilet is functioning as it should. If you have any concerns with plumbing or wish to know more information then go to https://www.plumbwize.ca for assistance.

Smoke Detectors

As the old saying goes, ‘safety comes first,’ and indeed it does. It’s estimated that approximately 5 million homes in the US don’t have smoke alarms. Regularly checking the smoke detectors at your home is quite imperative. Imagine being asleep, and a fire ignites at home; if your detector doesn’t work, you won’t know what has happened. This could cause severe damage to your property and even to the dwellers in the house. Smoke alarms also function to detect carbon monoxide presence. Carbon monoxide is a colorless gas that can cause instant death if not detected. This is because it readily binds with hemoglobin in red blood cells and therefore the body doesn’t get oxygen.

Roof & Chimney

Roof & Chimney
In case you didn’t know, your chimney does the work of removing harmful gases from your home, thereby keeping the air clean and pure inside. It’s, therefore, crucial to have your chimney, not only cleaned but regularly checked. This even goes for those of you that don’t use the fireplace as well. Furthermore, have an expert check the condition of your roof every 3 to 5 years. A damaged roof can result in leakage thus causing damage to the interior of the house. Your pocket is sure to take a big hit if damage is done to the roof, so best to be safe than sorry.


A beautiful looking home emanates a peaceful appeal. It’s a good habit to ensure that the ground; by this we mean your garden, pool, everything that is on your ground outside the house. If you have a garden, make sure you are regularly watering your plants and cutting the grass. If you have sprinklers to do this job then make sure that they are in working order or have an expert take a look. Moreover, if you have a pool make sure it’s clean and that you scrub the inside of the pool, every month or so, to foil the growth of algae.

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