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4 Things You Need to Know to Create Macrame

One of the main rules of thumb in interior design is that no interior can be complete without some kind of wall decoration. Whether it is a canvas print, a wall mirror, wallpaper, or even shelves, wall ornaments can instantly enhance the aesthetic appearance of the decor and complement the space.

In addition to the traditional wall decorations most homeowners go for, there is another popular wall decor idea that can also add visual interest to any room and that is a wall hanging.

A wall hanging, particularly a macrame wall hanging, is an excellent way to bring the room together, create warmth in the home and add a touch of vibrancy to the space.

In this post, we elaborate on everything you need to know to create a beautiful macrame wall hanging for your home.

Macrame supplies

Contrary to common belief, macrame is actually very easy to learn, even if you are a beginner. All you need is a few essential supplies and your creativity to design beautiful macrame wall hangings to decorate your home with. The most important supplies you need are a macrame cord, support, and scissors.

For example, when it comes to choosing your macrame cord, you can go for any kind of cord, twine, or rope made out of cotton, hemp, jute, or synthetic material. You can find the cords in different sizes, colors, and twists, all of which can suit anyone’s taste and current interior design style.

For support, you need something to tie your knots to. You can opt for the traditional dowel rods and branches, or go for something more unique such as hoops or rings to increase the visual impact of the macrame wall hanging.

Basic macrame knots

Another important thing you should know when creating a macrame is the basic knots you can make. They are divided into several categories such as Lark’s head knot, square knots and variations, hitch knots, and gathering knots.

For example, Lark’s head knot is going to be the first knot you will learn when creating a macrame. This is the knot that gets your macrame cords attached to the dowel rod, branch, or anchor cord and can be tied forward-facing or reverse-facing.

The square knots and half knots are versatile macrame knots made with four cords which are called working cords and filler cords.

The hitch knots are another category of basic macrame knots which make beautiful designs but can be a bit challenging for beginners. They can be combined in many ways by attaching them with an existing project cord, or a new one.

Finally, the gathering knots are those knots that are used to finish projects. They can be either an overhand knot, which is used to prevent the end of a length of rope from unraveling or wrapping knots, which are used to secure a group of cords. You can use the latter knot at the beginning or end of a macrame project.


Popular macrame project ideas

As a beginner, you will probably be making lots of wall hangings and plant hangers. They are actually great project ideas to learn the basic knots and create beautiful and unique pieces. However, as you are getting more skilled in macrame-making, you should start exploring other cool projects to switch things up.

Some popular macrame project ideas you can consider making include:

  • Wristlet keychain;
  • Hanging basket;
  • Cloud wall hanging;
  • Handbag;
  • No tassel macrame plant hanger.

Useful tips to know

There are some common questions beginners often ask when they first learn macrame. Some of these include what the right size cord should be, how much rope they need, and what to do if the knots are uneven.

For example, the right size cord you need will mainly depend on the type of project you are planning to do. Smaller projects require smaller knots, while larger projects may require larger knots and sturdier cords.

As for how much rope you need, there is a general rule about this which states that you should allow five or six times as much cord than the length of the projects.

As for uneven knots, remember to keep the tension even while tying knots and find a balance between loose and tight knots.

Final thoughts

If you are looking for a unique wall decoration to spruce up your walls, then macrame wall hangings can be a great option. The best thing about them is that you can make them yourself and create wall hangings that match your interior decor and showcase your personality.

To make a beautiful macrame wall hanging, read our post to learn everything you need to know about macrame.  

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