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4 Things To Know When Fighting With Excessive Heat At Home

Get Your Home In Shape Before Summer Arrives

For many people, summer brings an opportunity to be outdoors relaxing on the beach and hosting BBQ parties as much as they can. In some places though, summer can be pretty extreme. With these four tips, you can prepare your home to be summer-ready.

Service The Air Conditioner

When the heat arrives, you will be thanking your air conditioner for the cold air it will bring in. If it is not in perfect condition then you will need to ensure that you service it beforehand. It is best to call in professionals to take a look as you probably don’t know how to check if there are any leaks or how does an air conditioning compressor work? You can however do the basic maintenance by yourself. This includes replacing the air filter and giving the area around the unit and vents a good clean. Use the AC unit for a whole day to see if many heat-related illnesses can cool down the whole house. Consider installing a smart thermostat to help you save energy costs. This way the AC unit will only work when you want it to work and can move to auto mode once the optimal level of temperature is attained. 

Invest In A Dehumidifier

With a lot of heat comes a lot of humidity. Humidity can increase in your house even when you do basic things like take a shower, cook dinner or even boil water for a cup of tea. When the humidity levels are high, you can feel tired and lethargic. It can also give rise to a lot of moisture and fungus can appear on certain spots. If the humidity level in your house is very high then you must take action at the quickest. Check if a certain area is very humid or is it the entire house. If it is only a certain area then there might be a pipe leakage nearby. Humidity normally is high in the bathroom where there is water on the floor or dripping faucets. A dehumidifier can remove the hot air circulating in the room and replace it with cool and fresh air. Smart humidifiers are easy to use and consume less energy.

Remember To Do A Home Pest Control Spray

As the temperature rises, your house may soon be invaded by a lot of bugs. This will just make it worse for you to bear the summertime. Bugs usually try to escape the heat themselves and try to come out in the open. They look for nice and cooler places in your home to stay. Don’t forget, this is also the only time for bugs to come out and enjoy the weather as most of them have to strive to make it during the cold weather. While food crumbs on the floor are a definite invitation for bugs, pest control can be an added layer of protection. Organic pest controls do not harm the people living in the house. Simultaneously you can check if all entries to the house are properly sealed and there are no spots wherein these bugs can enter. Cracks or gaps in the doors or windows should be closed. 

Clean Up the House

Fighting With Excessive Heat2

During winter, all cooling equipment like ceiling fans, Air conditioners, and so on gathering a lot of dust. Prepare to use them beforehand by cleaning them off all the dust that is accumulated and washing the filters. When you use dusty equipment, you can get allergies or itchy skin. Freshen up your house so that during summer it smells and looks fresh

Look After Yourself Too!

While you may have prepared your house to withstand the excessive heat, you too should take necessary precautions against the same for yourself and your family. There are many heat-related illnesses that can occur if your body is not able to withstand the heat and properly cool itself. 

Be sure to check the local weather forecast before you plan to go out during the day. Avoid going out between 12 pm to 3 pm for it is then that the heat is at its peak. At such times when the heat is high, try to stay indoors as much as possible. Always cover your head with a hat or a cap and wear proper sunscreen. 

Drinking water to keep your body hydrated. Drink it even if you don’t feel thirsty. Wear clothing that is light and allows your body to breathe. If you are driving with your family, keep in mind not to leave the kids or pets in the car unattended. 

With a little bit of effort and precaution, you can have a cool and stress-free summer at your home.

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