4 Reasons Why You Should Choose LG Neon 2 Solar Panels

As the solar power industry is gaining ground, let’s have a look at a good solar panel product from one of the industry pioneers, LG. With over 30 over research, and 10 years in PV module manufacturing, solar power as we know now is because of the work they did on silicon crystalline cells – what solar panels are made of.And up to today, they did not disappoint with the innovative LG Neon 2 Solar Panels, a clear leader in the multi-wire cell technology. There is no question that you’ll get nothing less than superior quality in both design and performance.

With their latest Neon 2 brand, we’ll see again how the LG brand of perfection will separate them from the rest. It is highly recommended by reputable solar installers sydney, as outstanding quality is the best way to go for long-term investments such as solar power. A good investment can reap hundredfold benefit, and LG Neon 2 Solar Panels are definitely a cut above the rest.

So how do you measure a solar panel’s worth?

Quality Performance

Dubbed as “panel of the future” and credited as the most efficient in the market, Neon 2 Solar Panels are equipped with extra wire busbars(12 wires instead of the usual 3) and double-sided cells. This multi-wire cell technology translates to better performance and efficiency even in low-lights. The design also makes it less susceptible to erosion and micro-cracks, prolonging its quality performance.More importantly, the handsome design of the panels is actually engineered for maximum sunlight absorption, thus increasing power absorption from the sun’s rays.
Quality Performance

It’s so efficient that you’ll need less panels to generate the same amount of electricity compared with other panels in the market. That means more roof space for you, more savings in the form of credits from the grid or enjoying solar power benefits off-grid.

Strength and Durability

LG has been known to produce quality products, and Neon 2 Solar Panels are no different. They have surpassed industry standards with flying colors. Thus, they can withstand extreme conditions, making it ideal almost anywhere in the world.


  • Windy and Snowy regions – Industry standards require 2400 Pa wind rating, and Neon 2’s 6,000 Pa front wind rating more than meets the minimum. Making it ideal in any location with extreme windy conditions and heavy snowing.
  • Coastal regions – It has the highest level of corrosion and ammonia resistance in the market, good for beach properties.
  • Lower degradation rate – Meticulous quality testing ensure solar panels with excellent long-term performance.

Warranty and service

  • 25 year product and performance warranty with at least 88.4% output – Whereas other competitors offer only a 10 year product warranty period. And to top that, LG boasts of very low warranty claims due to manufacturer’s defects. Now that’s confidence for you!
  • Care in shipping and distribution – LG knows that stress on the panels can cause micro-cracks which are not evident until after years of use. So they take extra care of handling the modules, like stacking them the proper way and packing them with tough corner plastic.

Warranty and service

Eco-friendly and Aesthetic Value

In its truest sense. Not only do you help the environment when you go solar, LG has branded itself as truly environmentally friendly. The factory itself is powered by 11,000 solar panels, and no ozone-depleting substances were also used. Talk about walking the talk!

And with its matte black frame and cells, it gives the panels that sleek look on your roof. That gives added value to your property.

There you go, just some reasons why LG Neon 2 Solar Panels are worth the pricey investment. Sure it’s more expensive, but the quality and performance alone, not to mention warranty, would actual save you more as the payback period for your solar PV would be faster.

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