4 Patio Maintenance Tips For All Seasons

Patios are paved or tiled outdoor extensions in the yard of your home or building, and are great for entertaining. Patios can be attached to the main house, or may be some distance away from it and include a BBQ area or fire pit. A well-maintained patio allows you to work in an open space and enjoy a more relaxing environment, it’s therefore crucial that you take care of your patio at all times. 

Just like maintaining your house, keeping your patio in good shape has several benefits; A good patio is safe for users, helps cut costs, and offers a comfortable working or relaxing space. Different seasonal maintenance practices can help keep the space as good as new. Here are some recommended seasonal maintenance tips:

Winter Maintenance

During the colder months, outside spaces are typically used less, however they still require maintenance due to water and snow infiltration that can occur in winter.

  • Use patio awnings In countries that experience tough cold seasons, having a good awning is crucial. If you’re in a colder climate such as Canada, a simple search such as awnings Toronto can help you find reputable suppliers who can help shield your patio with a top-quality structure. In addition to shielding your patio in winter, an awning can also shield you from the sun in summer.
  • Use water proof seals The best way to ensure that your patio is safe from water infiltration, is to install a waterproof finish. The finish can be applied using a paintbrush or paint hose, and will ensure that snow and water droplets falling on the patio will not harm the materials, especially if they’re wooden.
  • Shovel frequentlyShoveling is a good way to remove snow from your patio during winter, snow build-up can cause your patio floor to crack so it’s important to clear it regularly. It’s best to use a plastic shovel, as metal varieties could scrap the floor.

Spring Maintenance

After the winter season, springtime gives you a chance to retouch your patio and prepare for summer. Maintenance tips you should note during spring include:

  • Check for rot and moss Even if you’ve diligently sealed your patio during the winter, there’s a chance that leakage could have occurred. You should check if there are any insect cocoons, wood rot or moss. Repair anything that is in poor condition and remove any moss or plant growths from your patio. 
  • Retouch your patio As you prepare for the summer, your patio will likely see more and more use, you should therefore consider giving it a retouch. Clean it properly to remove any stains, replace worn-out furniture, and repaint if needed. You can also change the surface of your patio, a new season is a great excuse for a new look!

Summer Maintenance Tips


During the summer, the weather is usually warm and dry, allowing plants and insects alike to blossom. To maintain a peaceful patio space during the summer, consider these tips:

  • Inspect for pests A warm climate can provide a good breeding ground for pests. In cases where your patio is made of wood, the pests could bore holes or eat the wood, which could cause substantial damage if not prevented. A proper inspection will ensure any breeding nests are removed, and spraying insecticides will kill tiny microorganisms and eggs before they have a change to cause damage. 
  • Drain any waterStanding water attracts insects such as mosquito and snails, it can also speed up rotting in non-treated wood. Stagnant water encourages mold which can damage the appearance of your patio. The best way to protect against the effects of stagnant water is by treating your wood and applying a waterproof finish.
  • Wash thoroughlyThe weather during summer is great for a thorough cleaning of your patio. Pressure washing with bleaching agents can help remove stains and you can also use this opportunity to disinfect everything around your patio.

Fall Maintenance

Fall gives you a chance to adequately prepare for the coming winter season. General maintenance can be done to help keep the patio clean and protected through the coming months. Recommended fall maintenance measures include: 

  • Remove furniture and flower potsDuring cooler months, furniture could provide warmth to harmful insects, the cold can also destroy plants such as flowers. It’s important to remove any vulnerable plants or furniture from your patio when the temperatures drop to minimize damage. 
  • Remove vegetation pile-upFall is likely to cause a buildup of fallen leaves as trees prepare for winter; this buildup encourages moss, mold, and insects. You should regularly clean your patio to prevent piles of leaves or vegetation from forming. 


A well-maintained patio has several benefits to any homeowner. From reducing repairing costs to keeping your family safe from insects, you must regularly check on your patio and keep it in good shape. 

If you don’t have the time to maintain your patio yourself, you can always contract someone to do it for you, so you can enjoy your outdoor space all year long.

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