4 Items That You Need To Have To Be Prepared For An Electrical Blackout

Natural disasters around the world have been more recurring than ever before with hurricanes, storms, floods, and earthquakes happening in almost every corner of the world. These disasters have taught people that we should always be prepared; one of the most important precautionary steps to take is setting up a backup electricity plan in your home in case unexpected power outages happen. However, not all people are aware of the importance of this safety precaution, and may not be fully equipped to set up or handle such plans. That’s why we’ve put together these 4 essential items you’ll need to prepare for an electrical blackout.

Lighting Sources

It is common sense to have more than one lighting source fully charged and prepared in case of an electrical blackout; ask your parents! Don’t expect that you’ll be able to maneuver in the dark; put together an emergency lighting kit of flashlights, lanterns, and candles. For these things to work, you’ll also need to keep extra batteries. Consider investing in something that functions without batteries; a hand-crank flashlight for example. There are also all-in-one power sources for lighting, charging phones, radio, and more.

Power Sources

Speaking of batteries, you’ll need to have the five main types; 9V, D, C, AA, and AAA. In case of electrical blackouts that may last longer than usual, professionals at Generator Advisor recommend investing in a portable generator to keep the essentials up and running. Do your research and find out which power generator is most suitable for your needs as well as which power source it runs on; gasoline, propane, diesel, or natural gas. Don’t forget to also have power sources for your electronic devices to stay connected, in the loop of news, during a blackout.

Electrical Blackout

Basic Medical Supplies

While it’s common for every home to have a first-aid kit, most people neglect properly stocking it and updating its most essential contents. However, these kits and medical supplies should always be a priority during an electrical blackout, and even under more general emergency scenarios. You can either buy prepared kits or you can put together your own from scratch with all the essentials you would need as well as any prescription medications taken by any of your family members. Don’t forget to include antibiotic and hydrocortisone ointments, antiseptic wipes, and adhesive bandages.

Non-Perishable Food 

Obviously, your fridge will stop working during an electrical blackout; it is one of those essential appliances that consume a significant amount of electricity; it’s essential to stock up on non-perishable food that can be stocked and maintained without a fridge. Fill your pantry with snacks, dry food, canned food, and drinks as well as pet food if you take care of a fellow being. Things like protein bars, granola bars, soups, beans, oatmeal, ramen noodles, crackers, and dried fruits should always be in your kitchen for emergencies. For drinks, stock up on instant coffee, tea, and powdered drink packets. Make sure you have some dry herbs and lemons as those can be easily made into healthy, anxiety-relieving drinks.

There you have it, these are the top items you’ll need to always have prepared in case of an electrical blackout. There are, of course, other things you can prepare such as heat sources and portable water or some sort of water purifier. You’ll also need to stock up on essentials like toilet paper, hand sanitizers, soap, kitchen towels, and garbage bags. To keep yourself occupied, prepare some of those books and board games you’ve always wanted to try; anything that stops you from stirring until the power comes back.

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