4 Important Tips On How To Make A Perfect Meal For Family Gathering

Our lives have become very busy lately, having time for family gatherings and reunions is a blessing, a fun time that we all enjoy and cherish. Catching up for a special Sunday lunch or dinner keeps a family connected and boosts energy levels after a long week of overwhelming daily routines and workloads. Planning a meal for the whole family is also a lot of work and can sometimes be stressful if you’re not well prepared and organized, but it’s worth all the hassle and hard work. With some ideas and a little organization, you can have a great meal to enjoy with your extended family and relatives. Get started by making a list of foods that everyone loves, go for easy but new ideas to impress everyone at your meal gathering. Don’t forget children and picky eaters, there should be something for everyone to enjoy. Go through our tips to help you make the perfect meal for your family gathering.

1- Plan Ahead And Make A-List 

To have a family reunion that everyone will enjoy and remember, you need to take your time and plan ahead. Make a list of the meals you’re going to cook; salad dishes, chicken, meat, pasta, even beverages. Check the ingredients you already have and can use, make another list for all the missing stuff before you shop for groceries. Keep in mind that you’re cooking for a larger group than usual, there’s no harm in buying more stuff, instead of running back to the supermarket and wasting time. Measure the time that every meal needs to be prepared and cooked. It’s better to prepare meals that take time first; it’s wise to start your preparations a day before your gathering.  Don’t leave any details until the last minute.

2- Know What To Use

Cooking utensils, pans, pots, and serving dishes are very important. Decide what utensils are beneficial to use and get them out of your cupboards ready for use. Serving dishes are substantial; you will need different sizes to set your meals in a nice way. The way food is displayed is as important as the meal itself; you need everything to look pleasant and neat at your dinner table. Make a spacious place in your kitchen to move easily and swiftly while cooking. Remove all the unwanted tools from the way and keep the things you’re going to use accessible. Empty your dishwasher and start loading it instantly to clear out your kitchen; there’s nothing worse than an overcrowded kitchen while cooking. 

3- Ideas For Family Reunion Meals

There are endless ideas for delicious meals to enjoy at a family reunion. Salad dishes are appetizers are an amazing and healthy choice, try pasta salad and keep some extra dressing aside to mix it in before serving. Chicken meals are among the most loved choices, smoked chicken thighs are underrated among other chicken dishes, they’re tender and cook much faster than other parts. Chicken thighs are rather low in price and their fat content makes them delicious and mouth-watering. They provide a fair amount of meat when compared to chicken wings. Another easy and tasty meal that can be cooked a day or two before the gathering is Mexican shredded beef, which is served with toppings and tortillas; very delicious, tasty, and easy to prepare and cook. There are effortless meals that you can cook for a family gathering. A good tip while choosing from among different varieties of dishes is to pick the ones that best serve large crowds. Read up on how to make pound cake and surprise the whole family reunion with your dessert of the evening.

4- Cut Down on The Use of Dishes

Cleaning dishes after a family reunion is a nightmare. It’s better to spend time with your family rather than spending the evening cleaning 50 dishes. No matter how large your dishwasher is, this unpleasant process will take time and consume a lot of your energy. One of the most recommended tips for such events and gatherings is using plastic plates, forks, knives, and cups. Have plastic trash bags ready to throw everything after everyone is done, even children will love to give a hand in cleaning up. Use the time to communicate and connect with your family and relatives.


Planning a meal for a family gathering is a thoughtful and loving act, it encourages family bonding. Young ones who grow up in connected families tend to have fewer communication problems, are more outgoing, and confident. A safe family environment is very important to solve security issues in children, they get to develop social skills, appreciate differences, and learn to respect one another at a young age. Making memories is a very important aspect regarding family reunions; the memories you have from childhood or even as an adult make you a person who appreciates the blessings you have and help you to survive hardships and rough times. 

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