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4 Factors To Consider Before Getting A New Roof

There’s no need to argue on this fact: the roof is one of the most important parts of your home. Just imagine living in a home with a broken roof. Even the smallest hole can lead to serious safety and discomfort issues in your home. So much so when you’re dealing with bigger roof problems.

A roofing project can be quite expensive. In fact, it’s one of the biggest projects you can do for your home. For instance, a roof in Florida can cost anything from $7,211. For the money you’ll have to shell out to get that new roof, you have to get this done right. Having as much information as you can about your new roof ensures your roofing project will go as smoothly as you planned it to be. 

Here are four factors you have to consider first and foremost before your new roof installation starts:

  1. The Look You Want

Perhaps, you’re planning to replace your roof for aesthetic purposes. Does it already look too old and is now hurting your home’s curb appeal? 

Among all other factors you need to have in mind, be keen about selecting the look you want. There are so many you can choose from as to style and color. At least, choose the roofing type and color that go harmoniously well with the overall theme of your home.

  1. The Price Offered

It’s recommended to have at least three roofers to choose from. Compare the services they offer, as well as the roof prices in New Jersey or wherever your home is located. This is very important so you can be certain that what you have is the most reasonable price offered. You shouldn’t have to pay for anything more than what’s necessary.

This fact is the reason why you have to be honest about your budget. A good contractor will be able to offer you a high-quality replacement, in case the roofing material and design you’re after are way above your budget. 

Most importantly, balance your budget, price offered, and style with quality. Never skimp on the quality. Remember that quality doesn’t always equate to a high price. With the right contractor, you can still have a good quality roof without burning a hole in your pocket.

Workman using pneumatic nail gun install tile on roof of new house under construction
Unrecognizable roofer worker in uniform work wear using air or pneumatic nail gun and installing asphalt or bitumen tile on top of the roof under construction house
  1. The Roofing Contractor’s Reputation And Quality

Getting a new roof is a project you can’t DIY. Even if you love doing DIY projects at home, replacing your roof is something best left in the hands of professional roofing contractors. That way, you’ll be assured of a good-quality and safe roofing job.

However, that guarantee isn’t absolute with just about any roofing contractor you’ll come across with. You’ll have many options, that’s for sure. But, there are good ones and bad ones. You’ll need to separate the mediocre and questionable roofing contractors from the reputable ones.

When choosing a roofing contractor, be very particular about their reputation and the quality of their work. Otherwise, you may not be able to get exactly what you’re paying for, or what you expected to have in a roof.

To help you out, these are some of the questions you should ask a potential roofing contractor:

  • Do you have a portfolio to show of previous roofing jobs you’ve done in the area?
  • Do you have the proper, legal licenses to operate as a roofing contractor?
  • What insurance coverage do you have?
  • Do you offer a warranty?
  • Do you have a wide range of roofing materials available?
  1. The Required Paperwork

The bigger your roofing project is, the more paperwork needs to be done. You have to get this right, else you’ll risk getting into trouble with the law.

Typically, however, the paperwork isn’t something you’ll have to worry by yourself. A good roofing contractor will be able to take care of such matters for you. Discuss this upfront, so you’re sure they got you covered. 

For example, you may need to apply for a building permit. Many states and localities require this to be sure that your roofing contractor also follows the necessary building codes in your area.


Roof replacement isn’t a project done every so often. In fact, many homeowners will only have to replace their roofs at least once every twenty or thirty years. With that lapse of time, it’s expected that you don’t know a lot about the latest updates on roofing projects. There have been so many advancements that have taken place and changes in standards, as well as so many roofing contractors popping up left and right.

That said, no matter how deadset you are with getting a new roof for this year, take a pause first. Take note of the factors discussed above, so you can be sure you’re getting the best roof for your home.

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