4 Essentials for Creating an Artist’s Studio in Your Home

If you’ve got a spare room in your home you’re looking to convert, there are infinite possibilities.

Most people opt for a guest room, but if you’re the creative type, that just may not cut it. An artist’s studio is the perfect function for an extra room, and for individuals who love to create.

Creating an artist’s studio is more than just designating a room for your craft, it’s about creating a vibe that inspires imagination and motivates inventiveness. Much of that comes down how you design your artist’s studio, so it’s important to incorporate the right facets.

Minimalistic furniture

Minimalistic furniture

The décor of your artist’s studio should not distract you from the work you’re doing. That’s why it’s essential your furniture remain as unobtrusive as possible. Keep it light and airy, with white tables, chairs, and shelves.

Don’t invest in eye-catching decorations for this room. This is a space to create, not analyze existing pieces. The more simplistic your furniture, the more you can focus on the task at hand.

As such, make sure to keep the space wide open. Clutter in an artist’s studio is a major no-no. It will clutter the mind, as well as the space. So, it needs to be navigable and straightforward. For this reason, you should carefully consider the colors you incorporate also.

Whites and blacks are great. Earth tones also elicit a sense of inspiration, without overwhelming the eye. Deep greens and emeralds are also excellent shades to incorporate, whether with an accent wall, or through the purchase of some lush indoor house plants that you can place throughout your studio. In feng shui, green is the color for calm, balance, and growth – all qualities you will be utilizing in this space.

Large windows

Large windows
Natural light is essential for the artist, no matter what your medium is. Huge, open windows will allow the natural light to filter in. Feeling shut out from outside world also is not conducive to creativity. Large, open doors and windows will allow you to still feel connected to the outside, and perhaps gain some inspiration from nature.

Steel-framed glass doors and windows are ideal if your artist’s studio is in a detached space, like a shed or garage. Their minimalistic style and floor-to-ceiling abundance makes it feel like there’s no barrier between you and the outside world at all, permitting your free spirit to roam.

Plenty of storage

Plenty of storage
You will need plenty of storage space for your art supplies, be it a closet or a separate cabinet. Harking back to the point of minimalism being of utmost importance, supplies strewn everywhere can be extremely distracting.

Invest in some plastic storage totes for organizing and labeling your supplies. Place these totes inside a cupboard, closet, or underneath your work table. If you do keep them underneath a work table, use a curtain to keep them out of eyesight. Exposed paintbrushes can tone down the sophistication and openness of your artist’s studio.

You can get really creative with your supply storage, and there are a variety of options, including:

rolling carts, a repurposed wine rack, floating shelves, and (our personal favorite) built-in shelves.

Wall hangings

We may have suggested toning down your décor, but that doesn’t mean you should leave your walls completely barren. Finding some moving artwork to hang on your walls can help you with your work, and also add a little bit of life to your studio space.

The artwork you hang up could be your own, or it could be by an artist you enjoy. Since the rest of your studio will embody a minimalistic appearance, get creative with your wall hangings. Find a piece that really experiments with color.
Wall hangings
Investing in artwork that features abstract designs, geometric patterns, and surrealistic shapes also is ideal. Where impressionism and portraiture can be beautiful, it can subconsciously elicit a need for realism where there should be free-thinking and emotion. Abstract artwork will always keep you on your toes, seeking out fresh ideas.

Play with a collage of small pictures and paintings, or invest in one big piece that speaks to you.

Feng shui experts suggests choosing artwork based on the energy you need in that certain space. So, vibrant, energetic art for the artist’s studio will keep you engaged and motivated. They also suggest that hanging artwork on the West wall of a room is associated with creative vibes.

Ultimately, there is no “right” way to design your artist’s studio, but there is an optimal way. Whether you create professionally or for leisure, you’ll want to do so in a space that is gratifying and brings out your inner visionary.

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