4 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Air Conditioner Maintenance


AC units are a pretty pricey home investment, but many folks inadvertently do things that seriously strain their systems without even realizing it. All those little missteps and oversights add up over time next thing you know, your poor AC is struggling, and you’re facing crazy repair bills or full replacement way sooner than you should have to.

The good news? Simple preventative maintenance goes a hugely long way. Check out these common bonehead mistakes people make that mess with their AC’s performance. 

1. Avoiding Repairs

How long have you ignored your air conditioner’s strange noises? Some common signs you need to repair your air conditioner include leaks, poor cooling, bad smell, and high energy bills. You should, therefore, pay attention to them. 

Note that skipping repairs will not save you money. In fact, waiting is a disaster, as you are postponing the problem and giving it time to escalate. If you detect anything unusual, don’t hesitate to contact air conditioner repair experts to inspect your unit.

2. Neglecting the Vents

Neglecting the vents can really do a number on your home’s air quality and comfort. All that built-up gunk gets circulated right back inside when you fire up the AC unit again. Next thing you know, you’re sneezing up a storm from the dust and allergens now floating around. It’s not exactly the refreshing cool-down you were hoping for.

On top of that, your poor air conditioner is choking on all those clogged vents. It has to work twice as hard just to achieve lackluster airflow. That excessive strain puts a ton of unnecessary wear and tear on the system over time.  

Ensure your air vents are clear, and add vent maintenance to your cleaning routine. Once in a while, you can call a professional to deep clean them.

3. Not Cleaning Filters

Being one of the cheapest parts of an air conditioner, it is easy to neglect the air filters. Unfortunately, this is an expensive mistake. The filters trap dirt and debris cycling through your AC unit, consequently improving the air quality in your house. 

However, the air filters become full over time, and their performance dwindles. Therefore, they need to be cleaned and replaced regularly; failure to do so can damage your air conditioner. 

For air to flow freely through your AC and for your unit to work optimally, you have to unclog your air filters every few months 

4. Disregarding Sizing Requirements

When you buy or replace your air conditioner, consider the size of your space or house. If you purchase an AC unit rated for a smaller space, it will be forced to overwork to keep your home cool. 

This will lead to more power usage and more wear and tear on your unit. An AC unit designed for a bigger space than your house will also make your air conditioner unreliable over time due to constant turning off and on.

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Prioritize maintenance to keep your air conditioner in mint condition. Avoiding mistakes like skipping repairs, neglecting air filters, and picking the wrong AC size for your space will harm your unit’s longevity, efficiency, and overall performance.

Regular maintenance and air conditioner repair by skilled professionals will ensure you enjoy an efficient cooling system.

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