4 Assumptions About Architect Design That College Students Must Ignore


Architect Design That College Students

Ever heard a naysayer say that architectural design is not a lucrative course? Many people have assumptions regarding the architectural design that bears no actual evidence. We unveil some assumptions that college students might run into.

Most architecture students spend hours on online platforms surveying what people have to say about their career path. It is common to run into myths and misconceptions relating to the architect course that could pass for bible truth.

You might read some stereotypical viewpoints or pre-conceived ideas that could taint your perception of your career. As a budding architect, here are some common assumptions about your career you should disregard.

Architects are broke!

A common misconception about architects is that they depend solely on projects to earn a living. Therefore, without any projects available, it means the architect runs out of any money-making opportunity. As an aspiring architect, you might second guess your future in the architectural world over this fable. Architects are among the most paid professions in the world next to surgeons, engineers, and pharmacists.

There is a certain level of respect placed on the name of an architect. An architect does not have to depend on a current project to make ends meet. The architect career diversifies into different career paths to earn money from. This includes a technical architect, design architect, BIM Management, Project Manager, Interior Management, and Urban Design. All these specs are lucrative in their own right.

University degrees are useless

University degrees are useless
You have probably heard that a university degree is not useful in the field. This is the most common assumption that most students go through while in college. This might not be very encouraging, given the time and years spent in college. Remember the nights you had to burn the midnight oil to finish off an assignment. Were all the efforts in vain?

Despite field experience, you need an in-depth knowledge of the growth and development of architecture. You need to know about the historical contexts and current urban conditions. You need to know how you will integrate the design proposals into real-world perspectives. Having a degree is the backbone of establishing a long-lasting architecture career.

No matter the level of field experience you have, it cannot beat the experience you get in a studio. Theoretical teaching gets you accustomed to the regulations in your field. It prevents you from running into trouble with the government.

Our common enemy is the engineer

Most people feel there is a sworn hatred between architects and engineers. Just because architects have constant squabbles with engineers, word on the street is that the hate is real. The two professions are closely related. Each profession applies its concepts in the field. It is a matter of ego on most occasions. A few jabs are thrown around with each trade claiming superiority.
Our common enemy is the engineer
The truth of the matter is that the two professions enjoy a good relationship in the field. Each trade understands the scope of their line of work. The other space is filled with the other profession. Evidence of the cordial relationship between the two professions is the captivating structures that exist. The Empire State Building and Chrysler Building are proof in the pudding for partnership between architects and engineers.

Accustom of burning the midnight oil

Pulling an all-nighter is one assumption that many people put on architects. The unaccomplished project designs and proponent breathing down your neck, make your work all-night even for a week. Last-minute design alterations by the project proponent will make an architect stay cooped up in the office. Other people say that architects turn to essay help academic services for help.

This is one assumption that bears no evidence. Like other professions, in case you have a report with a due date, will you not burn the midnight oil? Being an architect is like having an ordinary job but with a bigger paycheck. Project designs need a lot of time to include the needs of the proponent. Therefore, some nights you might have to spend sleepless. But the pay at the end is worth every sleepless night.
Accustom of burning the midnight oil
The architect profession has many assumptions that have no basis. Therefore, do not get caught up reading through these myths and misconceptions. Architecture is a lucrative career with high demand across the world. The pace of the world in development means you will always have a job. What more could you be convinced by than the number of successful architects in the USA today! Frank Wright is proof that architecture is a sustainable career.

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