8 Ingenious Ways to Lighten Your Apartment

Finding a naturally lit apartment can be hard to find especially in the city. Proper lighting, therefore, plays a huge role in making your living space cosy as well as offering that warm, homey feeling. Lighting is the unsung element of any interior decor that can impact everything else in a room including the furniture.

Making sure that your apartment is beautifully illuminated can be a daunting task for many. It’s vital to layout a lighting design early in advance in order to source all the fixtures needed. Opt for the best modern lighting design to ensure your apartment is mesmerizing in the most elegant of ways.

A well-lit house should ideally have layered lights that illuminate every corner of the space. This creates balance and harmony among the different aspects of the room. Lighting more often than not includes a mix of ambient fixtures such as chandeliers, recessed lights, sconces, spotlights, table and floor lamps – all serving different purposes in a home. Below are 8 genius apartment lighting ideas that will brighten your home in an instant;



An elegant lighting design should combine a number of light sources with different placements in the room. For instance, when picking the lighting for either side of a sofa in the family room, don’t be limited to choosing matching table lamps. instead, go for a brass antique table lamp on one side and a low-hanging chandelier with a brass finish on the other. The pairing of the two creates a contrasting yet harmonious balance of the decor that is enticing and appealing to the eye.


Centrepieces are hot and trendy decor accessories. They are used to brighten up a room as well as highlight a focal area where the homeowner wants to show off. Centrepieces come in different designs from modern pendants, romantic chandeliers to custom pieces. It’s paramount for every home to have a centrepiece to switch up the atmosphere and uplift the spirit when the mood suggests.


When it comes to interior decorating, don’t settle for structure or function. You can have the best of both by having a lighting fixture that looks more like a piece of art and can still be a source of light. A living room is the perfect place for a large illuminated piece of art that not only serves as a conversation starter but also works as a mood-setter.


Oversized illuminating fixtures often amp the mood and spirit of a home. Oversized accessories seek to make a fashion statement. Whether you choose a designer lighting fixture or an affordable tripod floor lamp, always go for the larger in size.


Like the rest of the world, balancing the old and the new makes the impeccable style. Spice your home by mixing vintage finds with modern accessories that will give life to your home. An antique chandelier can warm up a contemporary living room making it feel modern and chic.


Sconces are a great way of filling walls and adding interest to an empty frame of a sofa or a hallway. They are the go-to lighting accessory for small spaces and a great alternative to table lamps. Feel free to experiment on colourful sconces that will draw the eye to the areas you want to highlight.


Corners are often the overlooked areas in a room. Unknown to many, these are hidden gems when properly designed. Take advantage of this empty space by adding a dazzling floor lamp, a lonely armchair, a rugged carpet and you have yourself a reading nook. This will create a calm and peaceful spot to snuggle on that best-seller novel.


It’s an age-old hack to use mirrors near light sources to expand the visual space of a room. This tip has been used by many generations and is a great way to brighten a room and make it look bigger. The key is to make sure the mirror is strategically placed and the floor lamp emits ambient lighting that’s not too bright when reflected off the mirror.

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