5 Innovative Ways an Architect Designer in College Can Earn Real Money

To eliminate hustle is the dream of many college students. The thirst for financial independence can drown one in a pool of money-making ideas. For lucrative courses such as architectural design, it is hard to make money while still in college.

Given you need certification from authorities before landing any gig, it can take a toll on a student in college. Are you looking for a passive income idea to invest in while still in college? There are many opportunities you can take to further improve your financial status in college. Here are some top ideas on how an architect designer can generate a passive revenue stream while attending classes:


Remember how you struggled to get architecture notes from the first class? Most college students are procrastinators. This presents an opportunity to tap into and make some money from. How many times have your colleagues borrowed your class notes? It gets exhausting lending out your notes each time the exams are around the corner. You could turn that around and write an E-book containing all the notes for the course.

Through your coursework, you have gained a certain level of expertise. Even though you lack the practice, you have the technical know-how.

This is the perfect opportunity to share your knowledge with other architects. You can write about how to create an urban design, how to operate a CAD program, or run GIS.

Architecture Blogs

What is the day in the life of an architect-designer? This is an interesting blog to write for your viewers. Content creators are taking over the industry. It is time to put your interests first with your blog. Not everyone is searching for lifestyle blogs. Some people are searching for knowledge about their career paths.

Start by creating fresh and innovative content about the world of architectural design. Ensure that the content is factual and authentic to develop a mass following. The more followers you gain over time, the deeper the revenue streams. You could end up getting your own podcast.
Architecture Blogs

The sky is the limit!

Industrial Design

Have you ever thought of designing a new product in the market? Think of all the latest products in the current market. Each idea came from an architect designer that solved a problem in the current society. Use this motivation to think of new product designs that could end up changing society at large.

Designing and selling might seem far-fetched at first. Experience and time are the ingredients needed in making your dreams come alive.

Think of the current technologies used in the industrial scene and how to make use of them. You can think of how to incorporate renewable energy into the product designing process. This is currently a booming business for designers worldwide.

Software Development

How reliant are you with software such as ArchiCAD in your profession? Well, the software was developed by intellectuals who understood the challenges in traditional designing. However, even ArchiCAD is not that perfect. There are some glitches common when running the program for most architects. The glitches provide an opportunity to offer solutions for other architects.

ArchiSnapper is the latest software in the architectural world. ArchiSnapper is a software that reduces the hassle of punch lists, field reports, and construction collaboration. This is a niche that a fellow architect explored. The software developer made millions of money from the idea. You could be the next millionaire in town.

Online Courses

How many times have you seen fellow colleagues turn to do my homework academic services for help? The technical aspect of the architect design makes it a bit challenging for most students to keep up. This is why many students turn to online courses for further guidance. You can brainstorm with your friends and create an online course. This will save fellow course mates time and money.
Online Courses
The online course can be a comprehensive package that instructs on how to carry out an impact analysis, LEED exams, and AutoCAD drawing, among many more. In case you have an area of specialization, you can dispense the knowledge to other colleagues. You could charge fairly for colleagues signing up for the online course.

Architect design is about sustainable development and providing solutions. You should not limit your skillset to classes only. Try out these innovative entrepreneurial pursuits while still in college. Many students have established long-lasting career paths through inspiration draw while still in college. There is no shortcut in gaining experience other than delving deep into your career path earlier.

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