4 Amazing Outfit Ideas For When You Want To Try Something New

Even if all your outfits are stellar, there comes a time when you want to change things up a bit. Something lovely can feel stale if you wear it too much, and when an outfit feels stale, the whole day seems to be a repeat of something that came before. The following will explore a few ways you can change things up when it comes to your outfits that will help add a little energy into your clothes and your day.

As with any and all fashion suggestions, feel free to take the ideas that you’re drawn to and leave the rest. The golden rule of fashion is that you should always choose what makes you feel good. You could be wearing the most on-point outfit of all time, but if you don’t feel comfortable in it, you’re not going to look good in it. Always take cues from your own emotions when it comes to fashion and trends, as these can guide you and reveal what you’re doing just because everyone else is doing it and what you’re really called towards.

Reconnect With Your Culture Or Past

Amazing Outfit Ideas

There are so many truly stunning fashion options available once you start exploring cultural and traditional clothing. We all have an ancestral history, and sometimes, that history is full of cute outfits. If you’re of Scottish ancestry, maybe you want to look into your family’s tartan pattern and get yourself a scarf or a skirt in that exact pattern. If you’re connected to India in some way, you might want to look at some of the things available at Nihal Fashions and you will find all the incredible and unique designs. Of course, you’ll want to do your research and be sure that you’re wearing an item correctly to the correct event (a quick call to your grandparents or parents would be loved by them and give you all the information you needed). Finding ways to include your family’s history and your culture in your clothing can be a beautiful way to learn more about yourself and your family while at the same time looking and feeling fresh.

Go Monochromatic

Having an outfit of entirely one colour is a really fun way to experiment. You can choose whichever colour you like depending on your personality and what you have available at home and seek out the last few pieces you need to have a whole outfit be one single colour. A fully black outfit is probably the most popular version of this, but any colour or shade is allowed. You can amp up the look even further by including shoes, nails, or other accessories in the matching. There’s also the option to have the look be more severe with items of all the exact same colour or soften it up a bit by wearing a series of different pinks or blues.

Focus On A Vibe

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This is a really fun way to change things up clothing-wise and also lift your spirits. Pick a mood that you want to feel or are feeling and try to find items that suit that mood. If you’re feeling like you want a cozy day inside reading a mystery novel while it rains outside, seeks out soft materials in things that are slightly oversized. If you’re craving some adventure, wear the outfit you could take off in if you from the future suddenly showed up and told yourself to get in the car. Nostalgia is a vibe; what was your favourite fashion era? Maybe you have a thing for Indiana Jones—you could dress like an archaeologist for the day. Thematic outfits are a ton of fun, and they get you thinking about the clothes you own in a whole new way.


Sometimes fun involves a sensation of ease. Instead of adding things to your outfit, consider taking some things away. Keep it minimal with a plain white t-shirt and a pair of faded jeans. To get even more simple, is there a one-piece item that suits the weather? Sometimes having fewer accessories and more time is the fresh start we need when it comes to fashion. As well, this is a stellar approach if you’re going somewhere that you haven’t quite been able to figure out the style yet.

The above list should have given you a few ideas of how you can add some energy back into your wardrobe. You’ll notice that many of the above ideas can be tackled using things you already have, meaning shopping isn’t always necessary for a fresh look.

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