3 Unique Design Tips for a Healthy Home Environment

As much care as we would take of our emotional, mental and physical health, our bodies and minds don’t exist in a vacuum. Being in harmony with our environment is a key component that determines our general well-being. Given that we spend so much at home, it’s not farfetched to put time and energy into creating a healthy home environment. This can be as important for our stress levels as exercise, meditation or healthy eating habits.

Read on to discover three unique design ideas that will transform your home into a sanctuary where you feel healthy, happy and secure.

Replace Decorative Objects with Plants and Flowers

Decorative objects have a great aesthetic appeal and give rooms an original, stylish ambience, but they gather dust quickly and can make a space feel much more cluttered than it is. Meanwhile, houseplants provide a clean, fresh and welcoming look without making us compromise on style and aesthetics.
Replace Decorative Objects with Plants and Flowers

Plants also provide massive health benefits in a home. They purify the air by removing dust and toxins, release fresh oxygen and increase the humidity. All these contribute to lowering our stress and making us feel more alert. By recreating a natural environment indoors, plants help us feel balanced and relaxed just as we feel in nature, with a great impact on our mood and mental state.

Incorporate a Water Fountain

While being outdoors, hearing the sound of water flowing peacefully can have a great calming and restorative effect. If you want to replicate the feeling in your home, large indoor water fountains can provide similar benefits. The relaxing sound of water trickling in a fountain near you can significantly lower your stress level and help you maintain a state of equanimity longer.

Besides holding an aesthetic appeal, water fountains improve air quality in a room and double as a low maintenance humidifier that maintains constant freshness. With revitalizing energies and relaxing sounds flowing freely between rooms, it’s much easier to see your home as a healthy place where you return to unwind and restore your inner harmony.

Create a Wellness Zone

A healthy home environment is one where you feel relaxed and at peace, despite the constant stream of daily responsibilities and household duties. If you live with family, controlling your environment can be challenging. However, you can still create a dedicated wellness space in your home, where main priorities are feeling healthy and calm.
Create a Wellness Zone
Depending on your personal preferences, a wellness zone can be your bathroom, which you can transform into a home spa decorated with scented plants and nice candles and use it for taking relaxing baths and exploring aromatherapy. Another idea is to create a cosy reading corner or a meditation zone. By navigating between these spaces, you will feel more grounded in your home.

Living in a healthy, clean and inspiring home is one of those things that can keep us afloat in difficult times. Having a safe space to retreat to provides great mental comfort, so being mindful about how we decorate our home should be a standard rule.

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