3 Tips When Moving Fridge to Your New Home

Your fridge is one of those domestic appliances hard to move when you are relocating to a new city. The massive weight, size, and fragile cooling fans on the rear of the unit pose enormous transportation challenges. However, your job is made easy and hassle-free by a trained and professional moving company when you decide to relocate.

According to an article published on https://money.cnn.com, millions of US citizens change homes every year and many of them fret over a truckload of household appliances and furniture. Therefore, when you feel that your fridge might be difficult to move, here are three tips for making relocation easy with a fridge:

1. Empty your fridge a day before the move

Empty your fridge

Try to empty your fridge a day before the relocation. You can request your neighbor or a friend staying near your block to keep the food items in their fridge until you relocate. This way, you will not need to perform last-minute emptying when the mover has already arrived.

A day before the move or early morning that day, empty the cooling appliance and put off the switch. You also need to remove all loose parts from the fridge and cover the vegetable compartment, egg trays, ice trays, and shelves and keep them ready for packing when movers arrive. Request them to label these accessories before they pack them in a cardboard box.

2. Defrost the fridge properly

You may have an old refrigerator that does not have the frost-free feature. In such a case, you will need to defrost your unit thoroughly before moving it. Else, water will leak and damage the other belongings you are moving. Keep your fridge ready for transit before movers arrive at your place.

Use a saucepan with a hot water tray and let the steam spread inside the fridge so that the ice starts melting quickly. The defrosting process takes some time until all water collects in the evaporation tray at the bottom of the cooling unit. Therefore, melt out the ice a day before the relocation to keep stress away on the date of relocation.

3. Ensure the fridge is packed safely

Ensure the fridge is packed safely

Even though movers will ensure the safe packing of your refrigerator, there is no harm if you are present to ensure secure packing. Professional movers will glue your fridge door, usually using a refrigerator tape leaving no adhesive remains.

Ask the moving company crew to take special care of the cooling fins because the parts keep your fridge cool. Movers know their job but you should always do a reality check of essential items like a refrigerator.

Trained movers will securely cover the cooling fins using bubble wrap. Next, this packing is secured with a covering of cardboard. The movers will then wrap the fridge fully using blankets to avoid scratches on the outer body. Ensure that the power cord is secured properly during transit.

Final thoughts

When moving your refrigerator, you need to trust your movers for safe, secure transit. Keep these tips handy to make your move convenient and hassle-free when moving heavy items like a fridge.

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