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3 Tips For Creating A Successful Home Walkthrough Video

If you have plans to sell your home soon, one of the best things that you can do as you prepare to place the property on the market is to create a walkthrough video of your home and the surrounding property.

While photos can do a decent job of conveying to online shoppers what your home is like, there’s nothing like a video walkthrough to help them really see and understand the flow and the scope of the property.

To help you in creating something like this, here are three tips for successful real estate photography

Don’t Start Without A Plan

As soon as you decide that a home walkthrough video is something that you want to have for potential buyers as you prepare to sell your house, you should put together a plan for the type of video that you’ll have.

Unlike with photos, you’ll want to make sure that your walkthrough video flows well from beginning to end. Because of this, you’ll want to plan, shot for shot, how you’ll show off your property and the order in which you want everyone to see the place. Depending on the type of buyers you anticipate being more excited about your property, you should keep this demographic in mind as you shoot your video and decide what you emphasize and what to gloss over. 

Creating A Successful Home Walkthrough Video 2

Stage The Home Like You Would For Photos Or Showings

Just as you would get your home ready for taking photos of the property, you should likewise get the home ready when your video shoot is approaching.

When thinking about how to make the home look, it’s wise to prepare it just as you would for a showing or for photos. Try to remove as many of your belongings as possible, get rid of clutter, clean everything perfectly, and turn all of the lights on. By doing this, you should be able to show off your property in the best possible way. 

Make Sure To Highlight The Best Features

While planning how you want your walkthrough video to look, you should choose a few places around the home to focus your attention on. This could include things like the details of your custom kitchen, your noteworthy living room window treatments, the storage spaces you have available, or the backyard that you’ve worked so hard on. 

Creating A Successful Home Walkthrough Video 3

With a few areas of the home serving as highlights, you can add a little pacing to your short walkthrough video as well as help people see certain details that will allow them to learn just how well maintained your home and property has been. 

If you want to create a walkthrough video to help sell your home, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you learn how to create the most successful piece of marketing content that you can.

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