3 Signs a Sewer Backup is Coming

If your sewer backs up then the water and other waste in your appliances won’t be able to move away from your home. If you continue to use these appliances without getting the problem sorted you’re highly likely to end up with the wastewater on the floor of your home.
This can cause extensive water damage and wastewater can also carry an array of bacteria.

The sewer system is often unappreciated but regular maintenance means that you’ll never have to worry about it. At the very least you should invest in a sewer camera for sale and run it through your sewers at least once a year. You’ll be amazed at how much information it can provide you with.

Alongside regular maintenance and camera work you should be aware of the most common signs that you’re about to have clogged pipes. This will help to prepare you and even alleviate the issue.

Slow Draining Appliances


A partial clog blocks the flow of wastewater and other articles as they go through the sewer pipes. Debris going down the drain adds to the debris causing the partial clog, gradually changing it from partial to complete.

The more the pipe is clogged the slower the water will drain in your sink or toilet. Inspect your toilets and sinks regularly. If just one is slow to drain then you have an issue between it and the sewer line. If they are all slow then the issue is probably in the sewer line and needs urgent attention.

Water Backing Up

Most of your drains are interconnected. Of course, gravity usually dictates that the water goes away from your home and to the sewers.

But, if the sewers are becoming blocked the water can’t get out its usual route. Instead, it will look for the next path of least resistance. That means you’ll find bubbles of water in your sink when you pull the flush, or water bubbling in your shower when you’re
washing your hands.


Bubbling is a sign that water is struggling to go where it’s supposed to. The sooner you get expert help the better!


As well as water bubbling in appliances you may notice air bubbles. This will be at the appliance you’re dealing with. The water is effectively trying to get past the clog, it’s managing it slowly but in the process absorbs air. The air passes up and causes the water in your sink to bubble.

This can happen periodically without there being a clog. If you notice it wait until the appliance has settled and then pull the flush again or fill the sink with 2 inches of water and then let it drain.

If the bubbling happens again you have a clog problem building. It’s time to get the camera out, the drain rods, and perhaps call for professional assistance.

In short, if any water appliances aren’t working like you expect t to, suspect there is a sewer back upcoming and make a preemptive strike.

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