3 Devastating Mistakes for Novice Real Estate Investors

Real estate investments can be challenging but lucrative opportunities. It’s not as easy as the professional house flippers on television make it, and it isn’t an overnight process that fills an empty apartment complex with tenants. In order to overcome the pitfalls that plague even the best of real estate investors, you should familiarize yourself with this list of investment mistakes.

Mistake #1: Planning as You Go

The real estate market can be a fickle thing, great one day and plunging the next. If your plan involves adapting as you go and buy on a whim, you are going to end up in a situation that is financially draining. The success behind Steven Taylor, Taylor Equities, is the ability to stay two steps ahead of the game. Not only are the investments of Taylor Equities addressing trends in location, amenities, and price points, extreme planning goes into each purpose. Careful evaluation of upkeep, maintenance, property taxes, the local employment market, and future development potential helps keep the leaders from knee-jerk purchases or reactions. Planning well in advance can save precious resources.

Mistake #2: Ignoring the Research


Being able to devise strong strategies means paying attention to the research. It’s not just about the local demographic and renting or buying trends. You need to consider zoning laws or permit requirements for landscape or architecture designs. You need to factor in natural disasters and the effect on insurance. Existing properties need to be evaluated for structural damage, insect infestations, or dated wiring systems. The cost of a property may be attractive, but for the work and effort that you would need to put in, does the location or market support a worthwhile return on investment? You should never ignore what the data is telling you, no matter what the price tag seems to indicate is possible.

Mistake #3: Thinking You’ll Get Rich Quick


The popularity of DIY and property flipping television shows might have you clueless about the reality of a real estate investment. Though the right property and location could be worth a small fortune, you have to endure the up-front costs and upkeep to take it to that point. You will have property maintenance and marketing costs. You will have insurance and legal fees, and you will have to pay taxes. The list goes on and on. There is nothing instant about the money that will come from property investment. Usually, these plans require just as much capital as starting your own business. If you start to lose money on the project, you may not be able to unload the property. You then deal with a useless property that is costing you money each day you hold onto it. This is why careful analysis of the price point, the potential, and the problems are vital to making sure you are making the right choice before you sign on the dotted line.

Success with real estate investments takes time and a laser focus. You must pay attention to the budget, plan for the unexpected and be willing to commit to a long-term return. You should conscious of the impact of each decision, from landscaping to hiring. Each area of real estate investing is important, so do your research before making an investment.

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