3 Reasons You Should Install A New Heater

Water heaters save us from a lot of stress. Imagine always taking a cold shower or bath? What would happen if the heater burst and needed a few days or even months for repair? All the chores in the house that require hot water would seem twice harder. 

When you realize the old water heater is starting to get old, repairing it may seem like a cheap and easy decision to make but in a real sense getting a new one is the better decision. Read this article to understand why getting a new water heater is a better idea than repairing it.

Upgrading to the new technology

The new heaters in the market are way better than the old ones. They are more efficient when it comes to energy in terms of hot water in one unit of the fuel used. In most households, the monthly energy bill can go up to 25%. When you upgrade with the new heater, you will save and pay fewer energy bills.

An example of energy-efficient water heaters is the new gas-fired heaters, which have a rating of 5 up to 7 when it comes to energy consumption. This kind of water heaters depends on natural gas, an example, propane, to heat the water. In places where electricity is not reliable, you can use it as an alternative. This post from shower insider will help you decide which propane heater is right for you and help you understand all you need to know about propane heaters. 

Install A New Heater3

The other heater is the tankless water heater, whose technology saves a lot of energy as it doesn’t hold in the water in the tank and heats the water all day but instead heats the water in demand. Apart from that, you can mount it on the wall and leave the tank space for other uses. There are different Tankless heaters that use various sources of energy.

By upgrading to the new technology, you can get a more efficient heater that heats water better, and you are assured of its serving you for a while without needing much servicing. Apart from that, you can save on the cash you spend on the energy bills. The new models come with different sources of energy. An example is the propane heaters, and hence you don’t have to be stuck with electric water heaters.

You will save on space.

By upgrading to the new technology of tanks, you will save on space. The new technology of water heaters are tankless; this means you don’t have to save some space in the house to place the tank.

The tankless heaters are small in size, rectangular in shape, and are mounted in the wall leaving you with the space you need. It will help you save space for people with small homes that you can use on something else like storage.

Apart from the tankless heaters, other new model water heaters come in small size compared to the old models with big tanks that should hold the whole household water.

Endless hot water supply.

The old water heaters are designed to heat water in a tank, and then that water is used in the household. What if the water in the tank finishes? How long does the heater take to warm more water for people to use? We all know it takes a while. So, in a case where the consumption is higher than the normal rate, you have to do house chores and showering with cold water.

Apart from that, when water heaters age, they no longer produce the same quality of hot water as when it was new. But when the heater is new, it gives good quality hot water that helps you enjoy your bath and all the house chores that require hot water.

Install A New Heater2

With the new technology, you get heaters that heat water on demand. Any time you put your tap on, the heater heats the water at that time. This technology ensures you have hot water any time you want, and the quality of hot water is good. You can hold your whole extended family and use all the showers and bathtubs, and everyone will have enough hot water.

By installing a new water heater rather than repairing the old heater, you can save yourself the stress and embarrassment that comes when there is no hot water, and you have guests. At some point, you have to come up with ways to heat their water. 


In most cases, cheap is expensive. Suppose you choose to repair the old heater instead of replacing it with a new efficient model that assures you of endless hot water. Then be ready to spend more on repairing the heater and adapt to taking showers with half hot water.

It’s much easier getting a new water heater than repairing the old one. Save yourself the stress and get an excellent new model heater.

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