3 Must Haves For Designing a Rustic Themed Bedroom

A rustic-themed bedroom is now taking over – and we can find it on Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media sites and it’s looking chic! It’s the perfect cozy escape that lets you express yourself combining comfort and tranquility.

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed with all the design ideas if you’re just starting. Lucky for you, we’ve trimmed it down to the top 3 must-haves that you need when going for that timeless rustic theme in your bedroom.

Vintage Chandelier

A vintage chandelier’s metallic glint makes a perfect addition to your rustic themed bedroom. Not only it stands the test of time, but a vintage looking chandelier adds a layer of intrigue. Remember all the Hollywood glam and glamour?

If there’s one thing in common, it’s a Victorian-style chandelier. Yes – it’s old, but it remains functional, stylish and adds a bit of oomph to your perfect cozy bedroom space.
Vintage Chandelier

Not up for Victorian-style? Then try a distressed and wooden pendant instead!

Wooden Furniture

This is one of the highlights of a rustic bedroom – and you start with your bed, bedside table, cabinets, dressers, chairs and more. The great thing about wooden furniture sets is that you don’t have to buy a new one every single time.

You can always repurpose old wooden pieces. For instance, do you have an old table lying around? You can convert them into headboards!

Don’t be afraid to mix it up – while wooden pieces are the highlight of your bedroom, you can always add a bit of modern accent to your bedroom.

While there is no “one-size-fits-all” formula for a rustic bedroom, remember to keep the palette neutral. If you’re going rustic, shy away from bold colors and try going for a more neutral aesthetic. This helps highlight your vintage and wooden pieces, plus, neutral colors add a bit to that cozy feeling.

Rustic Decor

Sometimes, it’s the little things that pull a room together and when it comes to creating the perfect rustic themed bedroom decor accessories can be the perfect finishing touches.

For instance, adding in picture frames and room decor partnered with a vintage bedside lamp. Do this right, and you’ll have a complete showstopper bedroom!
Rustic Decor
The best part is there are tons of options ranging from a distressed rustic frame in that classic brown or even slightly bleached white to a barn style full length wall mirror.

Like we mentioned above, when most people picture rustic furniture it is mostly wood or a combination of wood and metal (often iron).

However you can add some additional texture to the bedroom with a vintage rug or barn style bedding. Also, with your decor, don’t forget to add in natural distressed and exposed pieces.

The thing about rustic-themed bedrooms is that they’re different for most people. But remember wood, vintage, and everything cozy. Throw in some pillows, candles, chunky blankets, and carpets.

Remember, your main purpose is to get your rustic bedroom to feel warm and inviting with a particular emphasis and all things natural.

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