3 Factors to look out for While Buying a Wood Burning Stove

Buying a stove might seem easy but it’s not. One can face a lot of problems after buying it and might regret their decision of purchasing the stove too hastily.

1. Convenience

This includes the types of Log burners one can buy according to the wood supply they have, the size of their room, and the need for heating.

Wood burns the best while it’s put on a pile of ash with air circulating above it. And coal burns best with air circulating below it. A multi-fuel stove can use both the fuel types and give them the best conditions to output the best results. 

It can also burn smokeless fuel. So if one cannot find the best wood to burn in a stove, then one can buy this multi-fuel stove.

On the other hand, a wood-burning stove can burn any type of wood. You can buy this stove if there is a log store located near your house.

Wood Burning Stove2

2. Type of available wood

According to the type of wood you have, the heat output would be affected. Hardwood logs will give out more kW of heat because they are denser. On the other hand, softwood logs would produce less kW of heat as they are not dense. 

Other than the wood type, the moisture in the wood matters a lot in terms of producing more kW of heat. The more moisture the wood has, the less heat it would produce.

It is important to remember that not every type of wood can be burned in the stove as some can give off poisonous gases when burned. Spruce wood, pinewood, fir, and chipboard remains should not be put into the Wood burning stoves as fuels.

Wood Burning Stove

3. Heat affecting Factors and Fitting

For any type of wood-burning to happen, the room needs to have a proper airflow for combustion to take place. But even if a room is airtight, one can buy a stove with an external air supply. This type of stove takes the air from outside the house. 

Other than that there are different types of stoves that give off heat in different ways. Radiant stoves use glass to give off heat in one focused area. And Convection stoves distribute heat directly to the air.

The room space is also a deciding factor about which type of log burning stove you want to buy. For example, if there isn’t enough space in the room, then a wall stove can be bought that is fitted directly into the wall.

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