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21+ DIY Room Decor Ideas for Small Room

Is your room small? Are you facing more problems to decorate it? Don’t you understand where to put anything? If you’re all answer is yes, nothing to be worried.

We are going to present here an awesome list of easy DIY room décor ideas for small room project which help to decorate your room without giving up any storage space.
Luckily, a lot of décors you can do yourself that not only gives you an excellent idea but also save your money. To offer you more inspiration, we have listed here 21+ DIY room decoration plans.

So, read on and discover the best one that matches your unique style.

Fantastic DIY room décor ideas you should try

Murphy Desk: For saving space in a small room Murphy desk plan is very popular. It generally comes with a folding system. As a result, you can utilize it as your need plus it increases the footprint of your small room.

Drying rack to the wall: If you have a tight quarter, you need to put a fold-out drying rake to the wall. For this, you have to count about $30. It can save more floor space from your small room and money.
Drying rack to the wall

Arrange a console table behind the sofa: Is your living so small? So, you should arrange a console table behind the sofa that helps you to décor your room perfectly.

String light décor: The string light can raise the beauty of your room. You can put paper cups to place them that instantly turn into makeshift lanterns as well.

Hide The Secrete Things: You might have personal things that are not visible to visitor but it should have near you. Just make hole with bi metal hole saw kit behind your wallmate. This process will keep your objects secure and will keep out of doubt.

Decorative pillow: A few decorative pillows can make your room more and more attractive than a big room. Also, some decorative plus colorful pillow can refresh your mind after doing all day hard working. I personally like to put a decorative pillow, and I love it.

DIY jewelry holder: In your small room, you should not keep your jewelry here and there. As a result, you can’t get the necessary things that you need. So, you have to put a DIY jewelry holder. For this, you can take wooden dowels or toilet paper rolls to make this DIY. This is also an up even it can save our earth.

Mason jar makeup brush holder: Decorate a mason jar with gold spray paint and glitter. Now it is ready to use as a makeup brush holder. It can increase the beauty of your room and save space plus money much more.

Picture frame: You also can put some favorite picture of your life or others on the wall frame around your reading table or other lovely places. It can bring more attraction to your room and can reveal your unique style too.

Fun cork board: Fun cork board can be used to keep your funny drawing or papermaking things to refresh the mind that helps you to make a dream in your life.

Storage ottoman: If you want to store your extra things, you can take storage ottoman. It will help you to organize extra thing as well as you can use it for sitting by attaching a caster to the bottom. I like it more for my room personally.

Candle holder: A simple candle holder makes your mind calm plus makes your room cool. For this, you can take a glass that shape you like and attach colorful paper with glue. Now it makes a candle holder for your lovely room.
Candle holder
Colorful headboard: Another décor idea can be a colorful headboard that is a more popular idea. A creative headboard can capture your attention instantly plus increase the brightness of your room. It can décor your simple side but reveal a perfect personality to your room.

Canopy reading nook: Another awesome décor item is canopy reading nook. If you are you reading lover, you can get heavenly peace in this canopy. You can make it easy and enjoy a relaxing moment with your coffee.

Glitter switch plates: A switch plate with DIY glitter can enlarge the natural beauty of your tiny room. You can make the switch plates looking fantastic by using your favorite glitters.

DIY flower walls: As a simple wall décor idea DIY flower wall give you the best one that can make in a short time plus can be used for a long time.
Ikea hack floating shelves: If you make an Ikea hack floating shelves, you won’t even need any more decorative item for this project. This item can handle many ideas at a time.

Ladder planter side table: Ladder planter side table is a great décor idea for a tiny room because it can contain more items. So, you can arrange your various items together in this table.

Store your tank tops on shower certain rings: if you have a tank to store, you can use it easily. First, attach shower rings to a hanger and hang the tank tops on the rings plus finally can hanger the entire storage solution on top of your doorframe.

Pegboard shoe rack: You can use your door back to store your shoes by building pegboard shoe rack. You can hang your shoes on the peg easily. It saves more space and your time.

Arrange your bed sheet under the mattress: Sometimes a simple storage solution can change the overlook. If you have an extra sheet, you can’t keep them here and there. So, you should make beautiful bed decorating plan. Your bed sheet should keep away from eyes. Because of that you can fold them and keep them under the mattress that may work as storage plus you can’t feel a pea.

Keep your pants their own rake: You should keep your pants their own rakes. This helps you to storage your pants properly.

DIY a pegboard organizer: A DIY pegboard organizer is a great idea for a small room. You can also hang a diy pegboard on the wall. This pegboard can be used to hang photo frame, bag, key, hand watch, ID card and much more.


From the following list of DIY room décor idea will help you to discover the best idea for your small room. When you will go to DIY, you will need some important things such as a miter saw, reciprocating saw cordless, circular saw, paint sprayer and so much more. You might collect some of them for any time to use when you need. Finally, we think this informative content can give you more idea so that you can décor your beloved your tiny room to represent your unique style.

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