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2023’s Top 6 Living Room Remodel Ideas

2023 is finally here, and it’s time for some upgrades! If you’re thinking of remodeling your living room, but don’t quite know where to start, the new year is the best time to begin working on your next vision. From velvet accents to monochrome color palettes, the latest trends are only just beginning!

As the main focal point in most homes, you’ll likely want your living room to represent your creative, individual personality while also maintaining a sense of stylized functionality. Since we are continually bombarded with such a vast variety of new and upcoming trends, it can be difficult to find home additions that are adequately in alignment with your personal goals. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of 2023’s Top 6 Living Room Remodel Ideas.

  1. Get Creative With Your Storage and Display Options

Forget what you’ve heard about minimizing clutter – the trendsetters of 2023 have other ideas! The addition of simple, yet unique, storage fixtures allows you to properly showcase some of your favorite personal items and accessories. From floating, open shelves to sideboards and display cabinets, why hide your sentimental treasures when you could show them off to your family and friends?

  1. Try a Monochrome Color Palette

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Keep it consistent! You don’t have to do complete home renovations in order for your living space to feel new and fresh. If you’re looking for something practical, timeless, and interesting, simply choose a color scheme that feels refreshing and personal to you. Maximizing your results with minimal effort? Sounds good to us!

  1. Velvet, Velvet, Velvet!

We know what you’re thinking, but trust us. While over the top velvet centerpieces may remind you of old school cocktail bars, modern and simple home additions, such as jewel toned velvet sofas, are the stepping stone to achieving vintage elegance.

  1. Be Selective With Your Artwork

Your living room is likely one of the most actively used spaces in your home. Therefore, when it comes to artwork, you want to keep things relatively simple. Be mindful of the color palette of the room and the painting you’re considering – do they mesh well? Or does it make the space appear too busy? Select pieces that will emphasize the details in your space, not take away from them, such as still lives or landscapes with neutral tones or small pops of color.

  1. Built-in Bookshelves

Oftentimes, the goal of home renovations is to make use of any pre-existing space by installing smart and efficient storage solutions. Built-in bookshelves are a successful and primary example of this. Rather than spending hours assembling a confusing and frustrating shelving unit that takes up more space than you anticipated, imagine if it was simply built right into your wall. Adding a flair of character and a unique touch to any living room, this straightforward home addition is guaranteed to save you the assembly headache and will definitely satisfy your personal needs.

  1. Consider Your Lighting

An essential element of ANY living space is the lighting. However, it can be tricky to navigate what types of fixtures will give you the proper lighting you’re looking for. When considering your living room, think about the areas you spend the most time in – do you enjoy reading a book in the early evening on the couch? Do you love watching Sunday morning cartoons? Thinking about these common scenarios will help you, and an interior designer, select the types of lighting you’ll need as well as their specific locations.

6-living-room-remodel-ideas 2

Final Thoughts

Navigating the journey to transforming your space can definitely be overwhelming. Thankfully, home renovations will come with the experts you’ll need!

Our top 6 ideas ranging from monochrome color palettes to built-in bookshelves are just a mere number of suggestions out of the endless creative possibilities you’ll find online. The important thing to remember is that your living space should remain representative of your personality and style – while also serving useful and practical functionalities!

Whether you’re looking for complete home renovations or just simple home additions, hiring a team of experienced professionals is absolutely essential. With their assistance, you can ensure that everything goes according to plan safely and successfully. Once you have a vision of your updated living space in mind, reach out, and let them make your dreams a reality.

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