2019 Trends in Interior Design

Interior design sets a scene. Every movie set through each decade showcases a theme that is unique to that period through the interior design styles we see. A show based in the 90s will showcase all the aesthetics, tones, and overall interior design that truly represents that era. Contrast that with a show based in the 70s, and you will notice how different each furniture and wallpaper are, this is interior design. Moreover, it is an industry that updates itself every year. Professional designers and decorations can easily distinguish each year’s unique design and use current trends to predict future interior style.

Of course, like many other trends, some styles die out and are never seen or used again, and some make a reappearance every so often. In this case, we will analyze the trends that have either made a reappearance or new ones that you can say came up out of nowhere — specifically looking at the interior design trends of 2019. Muchneeded.com has created an infographic outlining these trends we have seen so far in this final year of this decade.

What are some of the interior design trends we have seen so far in 2019?

Nature is on the rise. Green and other earthly colors, wooden décor, tropical plants are all in style now. People are now opting to have their greenery and plants as part of their home decoration. While this trend is not particularly new, we can see where it has grown in popularity in 2019. With this trend, we have seen an increasing number of Pinterest searches pointing to vertical gardens, a 287% increase. A 35% increase in search volume for cactus arrangements. Overall sustainability and use of natural elements are on the forefront of interior design in 2019 with several publications pointing to this and directly attributed to our interest in climate change and its impact on nature and our surroundings.

All-black kitchens and bathrooms. Home décor has now shifted from white to all black, and both kitchens and bathrooms are seeing this trend. In 2019 bathrooms are used for a myriad of purposes such as a beauty room. Meaning bathrooms are more spacious and open. Several publications also point to this growing size in bathrooms. Kitchens also have seen several changes. Once more, we see where black is on the rise, along with these more textured designs. The idea of an all white modern kitchen is no longer the standard in 2019. Several design magazines have pointed to this trend.

We can add our personal touch to the décor by creating do it yourself artisanal and handmade items. There are a variety of methods that includes but is not limited to textile art and macramé. We get to decide the ty[e of furniture styles be modern, contemporary, and so forth. Remember, this is about your space and how you want it to feel and look at the end of the journey. Overall we can agree that interior design is everchanging, which works as tastes changes with times.

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