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15 Pieces of Furniture Made Out of Books

15 Pieces of Furniture Made Out of Books

Books are meant to be treasured. For centuries, talented writers have devoted their lives and passion to put words on paper that will illicit an emotional reaction from their readers. In many ways, the days of actually holding and reading a book is reminiscent of times-gone-by. But, there are some very creative ways to keep some of those old books in our lives. We can actually use those beautiful works of literature to make furniture in our homes. Here are some great ways that you can save some old treasures from the landfill while creating a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture that will keep some of that history alive.

1.Side tables

Side tables

Books can be stacked and used as bases for side unique tables. There are some vibrantly colored books that, when used strategically, can really create quite a stunning effect in any room. They could be arranged to form a cube, or used as a base for a wood top. They can even be spiraled when stacked adding even more visual appeal.

2.Coffee table

The same stacking and arranging could be applied to creating a distinctive coffee table. Pages from old books can also be decoupaged on top of a wooden coffee table. Or, even old newspaper clippings and magazine articles. The possibilities are endless for the types and sizes of tables that can be constructed with those old volumes.

3.Kitchen island

Kitchen island
How about using some cookbooks for the base of a kitchen island. A glue gun and a little imagination can bring those unused books back to life. It could be made of a solid block of hardbacks, or organized in a way that allows for shelving underneath. The island could even be built on top of a solid piece of wood with wheels, making it movable.


Seems simple enough. Stools can be made with books customized for particular rooms, either by color or type. Use cookbooks to make stools for the kitchen, old romantic novels for the bedroom, or encyclopedias for the family room.

5.Crate furniture

Crate furniture
Books can dry out and lose their pages over time. But, those colorful spines and hardcovers can be glued to wooden crates, and stacked to make bookshelves.

6.Wall shelves

A single book can be placed on braces, creating a shelf on a wall. Or, volumes could be stacked, making it look like a floating shelf made out of books. Again, colors and types could be specialized for particular areas of the home.


They can be used to make any style of lamp that the imagination can come up with. A little glue, a drill, some simple wiring, and a decorative shade are all that’s needed to create a lamp that would be perfectly suited to any room.


There are a few different ways books can be used for headboards.

  • They can be stacked strategically, creating a massive headboard against the wall.
  • The wall shelves we mentioned earlier could be used to create a backdrop for the bed.
  • Pages from old books can also be decoupaged onto a wooden headboard.

9.Bed frame

Bed frame
Books can also be stacked on the floor, making a sturdy base for a bed. They can even be tiered to create steps.


Using them to create a child’s desk, office desk, or reception desk is a great way to personalize a working space. A child’s desk could be made out of colorful children’s books. Unused encyclopedias could be used for an office desk. A professional reception area could be personalized by either creating a reception desk made out of books, or by using themed books for decorative shelving on a desk that is already in place.

Old law books could be used in a lawyers office. Medical books could be used in the reception area of a doctor’s office. Again, the possibilities are endless.


Those old treasures can be used in a few ways with chairs. It would be like playing a game of tetris to find the right color, size, and type of book to use for the perfect fit.

  • Books can be used to make entire lounging chairs, with or without cushions added.
  • An armchair can be created by strategically stacking books, maybe even leaving openings on the sides that could be used as shelves.
  • Side chairs can be made with some creative stacking and a little glue.
  • And, old book pages can also be decoupaged onto wooden furniture adding some history to any room.


Following the same techniques as with creating chairs, books can be arranged to make a sofa. Of course, cushions would be added. But, what a creatively vibrant way to make use of something that has been around for years and will last for many, many more.


They can be stacked to make benches as well. Whether the bench is made with books as the legs supporting a wood seat, or is entirely fabricated out of books, a bench constructed using them is an especially functional idea for making use of some special memories.

14.Activity table

Old children’s books, or those encyclopedia collections that nobody uses anymore, can be used to make a small table, even with matching stools. It’s amazing what a little imagination and a passion for recycling can come up with. Or, old comic book pages could be used to decoupage wooden furniture for a fun, active look.

15.Room partitions

Room partitions
They can even be used to make room partitions creating dividing walls. Securely stacked, there could also be openings incorporated specifically designed for the individual room’s needs. There would also be available shelving located on top of the partition.

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