13 Ideas to Include in a Sarasota Kitchen Remodel That Will Improve Any Space!

A Sarasota kitchen remodel is an excellent opportunity to add some stunning style to the space while also making a kitchen more functional overall. Even some simple, budget-friendly changes can take your home’s kitchen from dull and drab to downright fabulous, and ensure you enjoy using it every day. Sarasota Kitchen Remodelling (sarasotakitchenremodels.com), a leading provider of kitchen remodelling in Sarasota, FL typically recommends these 13 ideas you can include in your Sarasota kitchen renovation to improve your space!

1. Include Slide-out Shelving in a Sarasota Kitchen Remodel

Slide-out shelving not only allows for easier access to items stored in your kitchen’s cabinets but also means being able to take advantage of every square inch of storage space! You can store and then easily access all those far corners of upper and lower cabinets with slide-out shelves, giving you added room and keeping items right at your fingertips.

2. Try a Farm Style Sink in Your Sarasota Kitchen Renovation Plans

If you struggle to fill or wash bulky pots and pans in your standard divided sink, swap it out for a larger and deeper farm-style sink! A farm-style sink doesn’t have a center divider and is usually longer and deeper than most sinks, giving you plenty of room to work with even the most cumbersome pots and pans and other housewares.

3. Use Chalkboard Paint on One Wall

Even with online scheduling and smartphone apps, families still appreciate a central location for leaving reminders, maintaining the family’s calendar, keeping grocery lists, and so on. Painting a wall or section of a wall with chalkboard paint means easier organizing for everyone. Chalkboard paint also gives kids a place to stay entertained while mom or dad is cooking!

4. Cut Into a Wall for Added Shelving and Storage

If your home’s kitchen is just too small for additional shelving or to expand the pantry, cut into a wall and add shelves! A contractor can typically cut out a section of wall space and then build shelves between wall studs, for storage that doesn’t get in the way of foot traffic. Wall shelving also offers space for decorative items so your kitchen is as beautiful as it is functional.

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5. Upgrade the Lighting During a Sarasota Kitchen Remodel

Never underestimate the difference a beautiful light fixture can make in your home’s kitchen! During a Sarasota kitchen remodel, consider removing a dull and drab fluorescent fixture and replacing it with something stylish and stunning. Contractors can also typically add lighting under or in the cabinets, for easier food prep and more accessible storage.

6. Create Visual Interest With a New Backsplash

If you need a quick and affordable way to add visual interest or an eye-catching centerpiece to your kitchen, consider the backsplash. A colorful tile, copper sheeting, or glass over a painted wall can offer a beautiful look you’re sure to love, without breaking your budget.

7. Should You Include Open Shelving in a Sarasota Kitchen Remodel?

Open shelving can keep a kitchen from feeling cramped and crowded, but displaying too many dishes and houseware can create a cluttered look! If you want to keep the kitchen spacious and airy, consider replacing just one cabinet with open shelves and ensure you use it to display your nicest dishes. If the space starts to feel cluttered and busy, replace the shelves with a cabinet.

8. Add Personality With Unique Countertop Options

Stone countertops are a classic choice for many Sarasota kitchen remodels, but they’re not your only option! You can add personality to the space with stainless steel sheeting, poured and stained concrete, glass, or even resin. These materials offer a unique look but are typically a fraction of the cost of stone.

9. Pare Down the Center Island for Added Space

Oversized center islands have been a favorite choice for homeowners for many years, but they can often create a crowded look in the kitchen. Some homeowners also find that they don’t use the entire surface or storage area of an island, making it a wasted use of the space. Consider paring down your kitchen’s center island during your renovation so that it doesn’t overwhelm the kitchen while still providing added space for food prep.

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10. Try Some Wallpaper for a Unique Look!

A fresh wall color is an excellent choice for updating your kitchen’s style, and you can add even more visual interest with wallpaper. To avoid a busy or overwhelming look in the space, consider papering just one accent wall.

You can even wallpaper the upper half of a wall and then paint the lower half a complementary color, with a section of chair railing between those sections. If you end up not liking the wallpaper or if it gets a bit tiring after a while, simply remove and replace it, or repaint that wall as needed.

11. Add Architectural Details During Your Sarasota Kitchen Remodel

Architectural details that add stunning style to the rest of your home can do the same in your kitchen! During your Sarasota kitchen remodel, consider adding crown molding, ceiling beams, a garden window or window seating, textured paint finishes, and wainscotting or chair railings. These simple touches can make even the most budget-friendly remodel look upscale and luxurious.

12. Leave Room for Comfortable Furniture in the Kitchen

Comfortable furniture ensures a relaxing eating space as well as a welcoming look in the space. When creating a design for your kitchen renovation, ensure you make room for furniture items including a spacious table and upholstered chairs, a cabinet or hutch for displaying your dishes, or shelving for books and other items.

13. Finish Your Sarasota Kitchen Remodel With Greens and Decorations

When planning and budgeting for your Sarasota kitchen remodel, ensure you include added decorative items, to create a welcoming look. Decorative items might include lots of plants and potted herbs, artwork for the walls, shelves on which you can display your decorative platters or holiday dishes, fresh curtains, and mirrors to bounce around light. Even showing off your collection of cookbooks, coffee mugs, or teapots can mean a unique space that expresses your personality and which you’ll love using every day!

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