12 Tips to Make Your Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Unless you are living in a massive home with a huge bath and dressing space, you would probably wish your bathroom was larger in size. Since you cannot add square footage to the bathroom, you can only use different ways of making the bathroom look larger. It is true that a small bathroom can feel intimate and cozy but it can also feel depressed at times. You can change the look of your bathroom based on your personal style and preference. With the right use of color, lighting, and accessories, you can transform the small bathroom into a comfortable and cozy retreat. With the tips mentioned below, you will be able to feel less cramped in your bathroom.

1. Choose the right colors

Soft, pale color schemes tend to give an illusion of space. Most importantly, you should avoid strong and exciting colors. If you prefer bright colors, you can use them on accessories and your towels but always choose colors for serenity. Pick pastels, whites, and neutrals for the background. Keep cool colors in mind when choosing for your bathroom.

2. Brighten the space

Brighten the space

Now that you have chosen cool colors for the background, you can brighten the space by adding extra lighting in order to add interest and to enhance the look of the bathroom. Opt for recessed lighting in the ceiling or opt for a beautiful countertop lamp which can add warmth to space. Lighting can immediately change the entire look of the space. You can also consider more expensive alternatives like skylights or larger windows. If you are keen on bathroom renos, you should contact professionals to help you make the most of the available space in your bathroom.

3. Opt for a pedestal sink

If you have a vanity cabinet in the bathroom, trade it for a pedestal sink. A cabinet may provide nice storage but it will take up a lot of space in your small bathroom. The best is to replace the vanity with an elegant pedestal or a wall mounted sink and it is inexpensive as well. The bath will feel open and you will be able to find additional storage space. If you intend to remove the vanity cabinet, you will also have to work on the flooring.

4. Remove everything that sticks out

Even a small piece of furniture or accessory which sticks out of the room can bring your eyes to a halt and make you think that the room is small. In order to make your small bathroom look large, you need to remove the wall shelves, decorative accessories and hanging racks from the walls which make it look smaller. You might need a few pieces for comfort but if the bathroom feels large in size without them, then remove them and store your supply elsewhere. This technique will provide an illusion of space and will make the bathroom look larger without adding any additional square foot.

5. Use mirrors

Use mirrors
If there is adequate space, get a large mirror and place it in on the wall of the bathroom sink. This mirror will reflect the light in your bathroom and will also pick the pattern and colors. Consider a number of mirrors that are artistically arranged instead of one mirror.

6. Pick lighter colored flooring

Your floor will look larger if you choose the right colors for flooring. If it is not possible for you to change the flooring, you can place a light colored rug on the current flooring.

7. Remove small accessories

Any space can feel small if there is a clutter. You need to remove the small accessories in order to make the space look and feel large. Bring down the towels and place one large floor rug. Pick a piece of art in place of many small pieces. Additionally, use only a single decorative accessory in place of many small ones.

8. Remove visual obstructions

Replace the shower door with a clear glass door. Remove anything that is a visual obstruction. If you are comfortable, remove the door altogether and install a shower curtain which can be pushed to one side when not in use. You will be able to see all the way to the back wall.

9. Pick the right wallpaper

Pick the right wallpaper
The right type and color of wallpaper can make a huge difference to the bathroom. Pick a wallpaper which is light in color or has a white background because it will give an illusion of more open space. Choose an airy design and a white, neutral ground for the wallpaper.

10. Add Depth to the bathroom walls

To make your bathroom look unique, consider painting or a decorative mural on the largest wall. You can also hang a picture which looks like a window, looking out in the garden. This technique will help expand the look of the space and will enlarge the feeling of the room. Most importantly, it is an inexpensive way of making the bathroom look larger.

11. Expand the ceiling

Since it is not practically possible to expand the ceiling, you can create an illusion of a raised ceiling by painting a lattice. You can also install crown molding around the ceiling and paint it in the same colors as the ceiling, this will make the ceiling look larger.

12. Remove all clutter

Remove all clutter
Remember, a neat bathroom will always look larger and spacious than a cluttered bathroom. If you do not want to spend any money on the renovation of the bathroom, simply clean it and keep it clutter free. Have only the essential items handy and put everything else away. Spend time to organize storage areas in a closet or vanity in order to make the most of the available space.

Only because your bathroom is small, it does not mean it has to be dull and boring. It can also be inviting and warm. Show off your sense of style and colors and make the bathroom look larger.

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