Why Copper Fire Pits Have Become So Popular

Fire pits are the ultimately combination of the outdoors and indoors. The outdoor flame with the indoor style and control brings a unique ambience into your home and can completely transform your backyard. Fire pits are perfect for the cold winter months, or for summer relaxation and can be used all year round. They add a level of intimacy to any event making them one of the most sought out home accessories of 2019.

What is a copper fire pit?

What is a copper fire pit

Before we answer this question we should probably start by defining a fire pit more generally. Fire pits are simply holes, or structures that a built to house a flame. They are generally used in your garden but a lot of fire pits are now designed to be used indoors or even portable so you can switch it up.

The choice of fire pit is pretty incredible and you’ll find a wide variety of makes a models out there. Over the last few years one type of fire pit has begun to really stand out; the copper fire pit. These feature a sturdy bowl for the fire which is made exclusively from copper. Often there is metal grating stretching up from the bowl but that will depend on the specific design. Copper fire pits allow you to have a contained flame burning safely without any excess fumes, essentially giving you the good without the bad.

  • The best fire pits

There are a lot of different fire pits available on the market and you might find it difficult to even know where to start.Rexgarden.comhave compiled a list of the best fire pits available, including their unique features, so this will give you a good indication of what is available.

When it comes to choosing your fire pit there are a lot of different factors to consider. While we can’t detail them all the below list gives an idea of our top considerations to help narrow down the search:

  • Fuel

Fire pits house a flame and that flame needs fuel to burn. There are three main types of fuel; wood, gas or propane. If you’re looking for an authentic sound and feel then wood is the one for you. It offers the crackling fire and gentle smoke you would expect from a fire. Alternatively gas and propane offer more simplicity with no debris, no ash and no smoke or fumes to contend with.

Permanent or portable

Permanent or portable
How you’re planning to use your fire pit will be an important factor in influencing what you look for. Fire pits can be built in a fixed location (generally outside in your back garden) or they can be in a movable fire pit. Moveable models can be transported around your home, inside and outside which may be a big positive for some people. If you’re looking for a portable model you’ll generally be searching for lighter weight materials.

  • Cost

An important factor in any purchase, it’s definitely something you want to be aware of before you start looking. While you can comfortably find a fire pit for under $500 there are also models which can climb into the thousands. If you’re clear on your budget from the start it will help narrow down the search.

  • Material

There are lots of different types of fire pit available, including stone, tile and metal each with their own qualities. Copper is standing out for us at the moment and we’ll go into more detail in a moment.

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to fire pits so let’s take a closer look at why copper fire pits specifically have become so popular.

Why copper fire pits have become so popular

Why copper fire pits have become so popular
The material of your fire pit is potentially the most important factor when considering which type of fire pit suits you. The most common types of material used are tile, stone, steel, iron and copper but in recent years copper has become the stand out choice.

Stone offers a unique look but is generally too heavy to be practical for the home or portable in any way. Similarly steel offers a nice aesthetic but the weight has a significant downside. Cast iron is used in fire pits because it is lighter than the other metals, however iron is not as strong as alternatives and after use it will become damaged and unusable.

Unlike the other materials, copper has shown itself to be remarkably versatile for fire pits and has a number of qualities that set it apart:

  • Robust

The material used in a fire pit will come under considerable strain through use. Depending on the type of fire pit they can reach temperatures upwards of 1000 degrees fahrenheit. This is hot enough to damage even the sturdiest of materials.

Copper has been shown not just to withstand these levels of heat, but remain undamaged even when exposed for extended periods of time. This means that copper fire pits offer longevity and good value in the long run.

  • Pliable

Copper is not just robust but it is pliable which makes it suitable for various different models. The metal can be molded into different shapes and designs allowing it to better meet the user needs. Not only perfect for design, copper fire pits are suitable for all types of fuel and can be used with wood, gas or propane.

  • Style

Fire pits were traditionally used in ancient tribal times for rituals and ceremony, but nowadays they offer some luxury style. Copper fire pits have distinct colouring available for most models making them stand out from the crowd.

  • Affordable

Perhaps the most important quality of copper is the affordable nature of the material. While copper is durable and versatile it isn’t particularly expensive. This means that copper fire pits are still competitively priced without the premium that can come from alternatives. These qualities have led to more copper fire pits being created each year and now there is an impressive amount of choice out there.

Getting your fire pit

Getting your fire pit
Hopefully you’re now ready to dive right in and start enjoying your first fire pit but our advice is caution. Take your time and see what’s available before going with the first one you like. Treat your fire pit like an accessory for the family which, if chosen correctly, can add a lot to your home. The time you put in at the start of the process will undoubtedly be worth it in the long run.

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