12 Bridal Shower Decor Hacks for the Magical Hostess

A bridal shower is the last kind of fun that the bride will enjoy as a single woman. So this event allows the bride and her girls to get together and enjoy activities. However, you must set the atmosphere right and decor plays a huge role in this.

The task to host the bridal shower most likely falls on the maid of honor before anyone else. And, it’s understandable, that you may have commitments that don’t give you the time to go all out. Hence, we ask you to check out this list of bridal shower decoration ideas homemade and professional.

1. Tiled signage

This is a creative decor for a shower and one of the most unique DIY wedding ideas for a rustic look. If the bride loves scrabbles or she feels rustic, create a signage using little tiles to spell the words. If there’s no time for that, use large tiles on a board and write on them. They’re perfect for the entryway, cocktail bar, seating area, dessert, and gift tables.

2. 3D creative backdrop

A 3D backdrop is one of the best bridal shower ideas, especially for photo boots, lounges, and the bar areas. Download printable 3D posters and enlarge them to your specification. Adhere beautiful flowers, silk, tulle, or letters to these posters depending on your theme.

Bridal Shower Decor2

3. Favor bouquet stand

Feel like leaving a whimsical touch, buy a ton of seasonal or faux flowers and set them on a stand. Create a floral shop ambiance by putting them in baskets, complete with ribbons and scissors. Guests will curate their choice flowers, form bouquets, and take them home as favors. They’re also perfect bridal shower centerpieces, giving your ambiance a cute look.

4. Multi-flower curtain and tablescape

For garden-inspired wedding shower decor ideas, multi-flower usage is perfect. Order rose petals, tulips, carnation, hydrangeas, and more. Hook them up with fishing lines to form lengthy stretches. Fix them up as curtains or tablescape along your seating area and bar. You’ll be looking at a floral heaven.

5. Bistro lights fiesta

If you want to create a cafe or street carnival look, attach bistro lights to the top of your tents for a dramatic look. Use an assortment of bright colors from neon to blue, red, green, and yellow. Use less of the white lights to avoid upsetting the guests. This is perfect for backyard, parks, and terrace bridal showers.

6. Burlap or cotton hangons backdrop

Are you aiming for a rustic look? Create curtains or hangons with burlap. Are more Bohemian look will favor tulle or cotton curtains and hang on. Stick an assortment of flowers to these hangons and watch the place look anew.

7. Garden inspired garland

Do you want everyone at the party to help you strip the place post-event? Here’s another decor idea for an amazing wedding shower. Beautify your venue with garlands, from chair back rests to the entryway. This will make your venue look like a beautiful garden. Ask the guests to take home the garlands attached to their chairs. It’s is a win-win for all.

8. Colorful cocktail bar

Create an assortment of refreshing Cocktail and grace the beautiful makeshift bar. Make it more appealing by putting them in jars with mismatched colors and shapes. It gives a fascinating and lively look. 

9. Glam constellations

Going for the art deco or glam look? Try constellations. Get glitter cardboards of various colors and cut out star shapes. If you don’t have the time, buy already cut-out constellations of gold and white colors. Suspend them above every inch of or your venue, even if you’re indoors. When the guests look up, they’re bedazzled with a colorful array of stars.

10. Buffet chocolate stand

chocolate stand

Thinking about the cool evenings? Set up a stand with chocolate and an array of fillings. Complete the look with quirky-shaped cups. Let the guests help themselves.

11. Personalized cake decor

One of the bridal shower high points is the cutting of the cake. But while you don’t have to go overboard, the cake should be perfect. Personalize it by buying a naked cake and bathing it in flowers, fillings, and berries. 

12. Celestial Mylar and balloons

Buy a colorful mix of Mylar and balloons. Pump them up with helium and suspend them over the venue with fishing lines. Also, create tassels with Mylar and place them at strategic points of the venue.

The above are bridal shower ideas DIY and even done by professionals. However, they are budget-friendly and easy to create. Get inspired, stand back, and smile at your creativity.

Author: Valeriya Istomina is a Wedding Forward expert on wedding budgets, etiquettes, ceremonies, and music. If you need tips for wedding planning, she will guide you all the way. She collects analytics and surveys, talks to experts; creates checklists, templates, and gives her take on wedding planning. Her other passions are yoga, photography, and reading.

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