11 Unique Bathroom Countertop Decorating Ideas for Your Home


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Bathroom countertops are either made of plastic laminate, ceramic tile, quartz, or other materials. Each one provides unique looks and benefits. An excellent way to decorate a bathroom counter without an interior designer’s help is to change the accessories and find one-of-a-kind pieces manufactured using materials such as mosaic tiles, concrete, mirrored glass, etc. Check out our bathroom countertop decoration tips to match your new shower door designs and get some inspiration.

How to Decorate Bathroom Countertop

Use our awesome bathroom countertop decorating ideas to give your bathroom a new look and spruce up your home:

Greenery or Fresh Flowers to Your Quartz Countertop

If you have a Caesarstone quartz countertop, you can add some greenery to it. Live plants will add style to your space, purify the air and reduce stress levels. 

Before deciding which plant to put on your bathroom countertop, determine the average temperature and available light; when it comes to the plant, you can think outside of the box. Tables, ladders, and shelves are excellent vessels for your greenery.

Stylish Decorative Tray

Trays can also be used as a decorative element in the bathroom. It is one of the superb bathroom countertop decorating ideas. They keep the things grouped in a gorgeous display. 

You can place fragrances or other items on the tray to make it look organized and stylish. Decorative bathroom trays usually come in many styles. You can quickly find the one that fits your bathroom aesthetic.

Mirrors and Chrome

Inject some metallic finishes to your bathroom tops, such as mirrored decoration items and polished chrome. Doing that gives the bathroom a modern look. This trick is well suitable in the bathroom with light fixtures and chrome faucets.


Candles are relaxing and soothing. They can help you fancy up your bathroom counter and also give a relaxing spa feeling. There are many varieties of candles available today – from soy to beeswax. 

See which one works better. You can even choose candles of different heights and group them to add a little bit of dimension and depth to your countertops.

Scented Soaps

You can find some pretty scented soaps or try a one-of-a-kind bottle of hand soaps that match well with your bathroom decor. This is one of the cool bathroom countertop decorating ideas that you must follow. It brings a lovely smell into your bathroom and refreshes your mood every time you enter.


If you have some space, use lamps and other tabletop lighting options to brighten it up. It adds a design element to your bathroom countertop. You can choose the lamp that complements your bathroom in the best way. To get more tips, read this guide on choosing bathroom lighting.

But ensure you have an electrical outlet nearby. If you do not have it, simply put the battery-powered LED lights into a gorgeous lantern to add a soft glow to your space.

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Artwork or Pictures

When it comes to your bathroom, walls are something that you should not keep naked. The addition of gorgeous artwork or pictures is an excellent way to add a special touch to it and make your countertop stand out.

What kind of wall art you can add is entirely up to you. Today, there is a wide range of eye-catchy art pieces in the form of a black-and-white painting, sculpture, etc.

Freestanding Storage Shelves or Hidden In-Built Shelves

Both in-built and freestanding shelves in your bathroom help you to maximize your space and add an extra design element to the tiny kitchen. Free-standing shelves are rectangular and usually consist of three to six shelves. This product type requires minimal or no installation.

You can find the bookcase shelves that fit your room perfectly. Adjustable shelves are also a worthy investment because you can store anything you desire, such as bar soaps, paper towels, and other bathroom essentials.

Wood Rustic and Wrought Iron Decor

Adding rustic decoration to your bathroom counter is a superb idea. Rustic bathroom decor means adding natural, warm, and minimally or less treated wood. Consider one-of-a-kind pieces inspired by ski cabins, farmhouses, mountain retreats, and lake houses.

Cute Containments

It’s always good to add additional towels to your bathroom counter. However, storing them in an appealing way is important. Place your bathroom towels in a stylish basket or tray. 

It will take your presentation to the next level and add practical storage to the bathroom. Your guests will surely get impressed with your extra effort.

Stacked Staples

If you have limited cabinetry storage, organizing your toiletry items such as makeup sponges, cotton swabs, etc., in a beautiful stackable glass container is a perfect idea. It will help you keep the bathroom clutter well-controlled and make the items dust-free.

The stackable glass containers also offer a clear view so that you can find what you are looking for without opening the lid. Moreover, lids open easily to make grabbing easy and quick. 

Cute Desk Clock

Time management is an essential aspect of our everyday lives. But sometimes, the morning routine gets too hectic. Adding an attractive desk clock on your bathroom countertop is one of the great bathroom countertop decorating ideas to keep you on track while adding a statement.

You can note how much time you spend in the bathroom getting showering or bathing. So, the desk clock will certainly help you to assign a certain time in the morning so that every member in your home gets a chance to freshen up on a timely basis. However, you must ensure that the bathroom desk clock you choose complements well with other countertop accessories.


Bathroom counter decoration helps you transform your space instantly. So, the décor you choose must feel welcoming, calm, and comfortable. Today, there are countless simple and awesome ways by which you can add a modern style to your bathroom counter. Follow our bathroom countertop decorating ideas as stated above to add life to your bathroom counter.

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