11 Helpful Tips For Moving Cross Country

It can be highly stressful to move cross country. From packing your complete household to coordinating the move and settling into the new home. A lot of planning goes into moving long-distance, therefore it is useful to remember all the details pertaining to such an endeavour.

Lightening The Load As Much As You Can

If you are going to hire a moving company to help you move, keep in mind that the cost for interstate moves are largely based on the weight of your possessions. The more items that you will be moving, the higher the cost involved. Since cross country moves can cost thousands of dollars, it’s worth saving wherever possible. Therefore, donate, sell, or discard all unnecessary items.

Making Travel Arrangement Beforehand

Avoid waiting until the last minute to start making your travel arrangements. When moving interstate, be sure to research and book travel details a month or even more beforehand. From hotel reservations to plane tickets, such travel arrangements are critical for ensuring a successful move.

Getting Quotes From Three Or More Moving Agencies


When you’re considering full-service movers in NYC, make sure you’re interviewing at least three companies to compare rates before making a decision.

Making Sure The Moving Agency Is Insured And Licensed

You do not want to hire a rogue mover when moving cross country. Always ensure the company you are planning on hiring is licensed and insured. Moving agencies should be able to offer appropriate documentation to validate this.

Considering Portable Moving Container Rental

A preferred cross-country moving choice besides professional movers is renting a portable moving container. These containers double up as storage and are incredibly useful if you require storage before, during and after your move.

Document The Condition Of All Your Belongings


When you pack your belongings, it’s useful to take videos or photos of the items and document their condition at the start of the move.

Therefore, if any damages or breakages occur while in transit or while in the hands of the movers, you have proof at your disposal in case of you having to file a claim or seeking compensation.

Opting For Taking Out Moving Insurance

Have a look at the moving company’s valuation coverage choices carefully. Their basic protection only covers the minimum. It’s worth paying for full value protection since it will hold the movers accountable for the cash value of your belongings. For more multi-faceted coverage,

you can opt for buying moving insurance from a third-party insurer.

Reading Customer Reviews And Checking The Moving Company’s Ratings

Prior to hiring a moving agency, have a look at their customer reviews and ratings to get a feel of the company’s reputation and level of service.

Asking For The Driver’s Contact Number


It usually takes about a week or more for your possessions to arrive if you move cross country. Therefore, it is recommended to ask for the driver’s contact number so that you can keep tabs on the status of the moving truck.

Remember Essential Paperwork And Valuables


Do not pack essential documents and paperwork like birth certificates or your marriage license in boxes. Keep them with you and make sure they arekept in a safe and secure location. The same goes for valuables like family heirlooms or jewelry.

Scrutinize Items For Any Damage After Moving

When you unpack your possessions, be sure to check every item, especially valuable or large items like antiques, furniture, or china. If any items were broken or damaged during transit, you can file a claim and seek compensation for the items. Compare the condition of your belongings to the videos or photos that were taken before the move.

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