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10 Tips That Can Make Your Upholstery Looking New Again

When you invest your hard earned money in upholstered furniture, you not only want it to last longer but also want it to look fresh and clean for as long as possible. Why not look into a company like Stout Fabrics for all your upholstery needs!
When you have children and pets in the home, it becomes more difficult to maintain your furniture’s cleanliness.

Are you tired of seeing your furniture looking stained and soiled? And those tough stains you are looking at day in day out..? Instead of throwing your old furniture try Bensons cleaning services tips from start to finish.

Here we have mentioned one of the best ways to care for your furniture:

1. Buy the right fabric:

right fabric living room furniture

When it comes to buying sofa synthetic fabrics are one of the more preferred choices as they are easier to maintain for cleaning purposes and have good wearing factors. If you have pets or children then synthetic fabrics are a good choice for you. Avoid the fabrics that have too much texture or ones like linen or cotton which are very light in color as these can be hard to clean and remove stubborn stains from.

2. Fabric protection:

Fabric protection is the best way to boost the durability of your fabric without harming your home and surroundings and it helps to reduce the effect of stains in the fabric because it doesn’t allow them to absorb below the surface. Moreover, it makes regular cleaning more effective. There are two types of stain guards to place on any upholstered sofas, one is a water-based stain guard and the other is a solvent based stain guard, they are both highly effective however the solvent stain guard is applied on neat and can only be applied on when the sofa is either brand new or after it has been cleaned and dried before application. The solvent stain guard is our choice for your stain guarding needs.

3. Rotate cushions:

Rotate cushions
Your sofa and chairs receive a lot of traffic and wear. However, you can keep your furniture looking like new by flipping and rotating the cushions from time to time. This is an easy way to prevent cushions from sagging and helps them to keep their shape.

4. Fabric Care:

If you are not sure what cleaning method is suitable for a particular fabric, there are a lot of certified cleaning experts in Adelaide that not only offer carpet and upholstery cleaning and maintenance services but also offer tips for care and maintenance of fabrics.

5. Clean regularly:

Clean regularly
Upholstered furniture can enhance the overall look of your interiors. In order to keep them looking new and fresh, some maintenance is always required. Cleaning your upholstery regularly offers various benefits including better indoor air quality, maintain the appearance of your home, longevity and eliminate allergens. The process which is most suited for sofa cleaning is by steam cleaning with high heat to ensure the fabric dries quickly and also the dirty stains and soiling is captured out of the material back into the machine. A fiber rinse is also used when steam cleaning upholstery as this leaves the fabric in a neutral state without feeling sticky and attracting further soiling from hands or any bodily oils.

6. Remove odors:

If you have found that your upholstered furniture is smelling, and it’s bothering you a lot. To remove the musty odors , you can spray at a distance glen20 over the sofas, however a professional really is required at this stage to remove the unwanted odors that are in the sofa, if its animal odors we would advise you to tell the technician to use their ultraviolet torch to see if there are any urine marks present. Airing the sofa cushions outside may also assist and a deep vacuum all over to ensure all pet hair and crumbs are all removed.

7. Clean up spills:

When stains are left unattended for a long time, they become harder to remove. As soon as you spot the spills clean them immediately. Use a white cloth or paper towels to blot the spillage up as much as you can. Do not scrub or rub the stains as this will only make things worse and could leave a permanent stain. Also, do not use any coloured towel or sponges, bleach, oily substances, or powerful detergents.

8. Professional Cleaning:

Professional cleaning is recommended on annual basis or beforehand. When the weather starts getting warmer, make sure you contact a certified and reputed cleaning professional. So, save your valuable time by hiring carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning experts in Adelaide.

9. Keep away from direct sunlight:

Keep away from direct sunlight
Never keep your upholstered furniture in the direct sunlight as this can fade the fabric. If you can’t move the furniture then look for the sheers or fitting blinds to filter the light.

10. Treat furniture right:

As hard as this maybe try not to let your pets sleep on the furniture give them a soft cushion to sit on instead. Do not let kids jump on the couch or climb over furniture and ban drinking and eating on the couch. Plus, keep sharp objects, chemicals, body oils, ink, or fluids clear of your fabric.

If you think we missed out on something or you have any tips or suggestions feel free to write us in the comment box below.

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