Top 5 Rules to Follow for a Custom Walk-in-Closet Design

Designing a wardrobe is not easy especially if it is a custom closet. It is a time-consuming task, which needs to be organized and designed well. It is a time-consuming job and needs to be done by professional. It is necessary to understand the requirement and to assess the storage needs. After that, you need to understand the overall design of the closet and at last, take necessary action to include efficient solutions which fit your storage and access needs. It is imperative that you understand the requirement and what else can be added to your wardrobe and if you have the necessary space for the wardrobe.

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The below points will help you build the perfect closet which suits your requirement.

1. Wardrobe Inventory

It is very important that we understand the inventory that we have before we start constructing the closet. It is a simple yet very critical thing. You cannot underestimate the importance of this point. You should evaluate the wardrobe requirement and take a note of all the different dresses that you have. Which dresses can be folded and which needs to be hung. Also, you can count the different types of dresses you have. If you have any fluffy, large winter jackets. Most of the clothes will require single hangs, however, some may need double hang space. You can summarise accordingly and it will let you know the amount of space you will need. If in case you do not have many long dresses or coats then you can use all the double hang space to maximize the storage space.

2. Cloth Dimension

Wardrobe Cloth Dimension

This is again something which most people miss out on. One needs to keep in mind the width of their cloth. It goes for both hanging and folded. It is also to make sure that you get the best possible storage solution for the wardrobe. Usually, the depth of the closet cabinet and panel ranges from 14 inches to 24 inches. Most of the clothing material will fit into a 22-inch deep box. If in case the width is more the clothing material will not fit. Less width will cause the clothing to not fit or get crammed against the wall. Some of the dresses have a general area space such as a sweater will need 9 to 15 inches of space, and coats need around 68 inches.

Have you used the space under your stairs properly? You probably want to do it with some mediocre practices like putting some stuff under it.

3. Utilising the 4 Corners

Utilising the 4 Corners Wardrobe
The corners are usually the ones which eat up a lot of space. The corners are often complicated and if used properly can create more functional storage space. The best way to go about it is that you should never hang clothes perpendicular to each other. You should hang from one side only which leads to loss of space. The viable solution for this is to hang clothes on one side and provide shelves on the other side.

4. Create an Island

Island Wardrobe
Many kitchen remodeling companies nowadays use the island structure to make the kitchen look more beautiful. The Ultimate Remodel Kitchen Remodeling company also highlighted the fact that many people go for this option and the similar idea is being used for closets as well. The only important thing is to have the spacing correct. A walkway of at least 36 inches is best for the design. The whole thing adds luxury to the concept, however, if space is less you can drop the idea.

5. Easy access to accessories

Easy access to accessories Wardrobe
Accessories need to kept in a place from where they are easily accessible. It needs an organized space of its own with easy access to bags, purses, belts jewelry and even ties. The bags will need space so you can have it in the front or center. The setup should have an easy access tray in the front for all the jewelry and valuables.


It is important to design the closet correctly and with precision. Take your time to decide what you need and do a clothing inventory to help get a better understanding. The correct closet will be extremely functional and will last a lifetime.

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