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10 Tips For Making Your Child A Confident Model Or Actor

A confident actor or model knows they can deliver the goods, and they never let fear prevent them from doing what they need to do to get the job done right. Whether you’re an actor or model with 20 years of experience or you’re just starting, let your child enrol at Bubblegum Casting’s kids modelling and acting agency they will help your kids become more confident performers and better boost your self-esteem on the job.

1) Talk To Them

Children who have been bullied can be afraid to express themselves for fear of receiving more abuse. As parents, we are our children’s first teachers and we need to nurture self-confidence in our kids from a young age. Of course, we can’t change what has happened in the past, but there are things we can do every day to encourage our children to talk about their problems and open up about any issues they might be having.

When children feel comfortable enough to confide in us it gives them a tremendous sense of support and confidence; knowing that they can talk openly with their parents creates an environment where they know they will always get love and acceptance no matter what.

2) Eliminate Competition

One way to build confidence in your child is to ensure that he’s not competing with other kids. While there’s nothing wrong with putting your kid in a room full of other kids for a general audition, be sure to call ahead and request an audition rather than a competitive event. 

Don’t simply drop him off on a Saturday morning at an open casting call and expect him to shine—especially if he doesn’t understand what it means to compete against others. But also don’t push your child into something too big too soon; remember that he’s only four or five years old, so start small and work your way up.

3) Set Limits

It’s easy to slip into permissive parenting mode. After all, our culture encourages independence and self-reliance. But studies show that kids who are encouraged to set their limits when they’re young develop into more empathetic and better-behaved adults. 

If you feel like your child isn’t exercising his or her authority, consider drawing a line in the sand. Then stick with it! Setting firm limits on behaviour is one of the best ways to boost your child’s confidence as he or she moves through school and life.

4) Be Positive About Their Progress

It’s hard to give constructive criticism to your child without sounding like a teacher, but you must do so—even if they don’t seem eager to hear what you have to say. Praise their efforts and emphasize any areas of improvement (e.g., You were so focused today!), but also make sure they know there are things they can improve on. Remember: It’s not about making them feel bad, it’s about making them stronger!

5) Praise Effort And Work Ethic

At first, having your child pursue modelling or acting career may seem like an exciting idea. But as they grow and develop, you’ll come to see that it’s hard work. As a parent, it will be your job to support your child’s efforts. 

Make sure they know that you believe in them and think they have what it takes to succeed in their new career by praising their effort and work ethic when they hit hurdles along the way.

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6) Assign Small Tasks

When it comes to boosting self-confidence, assigning tasks can be an effective way to do so. If your child is looking for a confidence boost, start by having them complete small tasks around your home—like dusting or taking out the trash. 

It may seem like simple housework, but these little tasks can have a huge impact on someone’s confidence when they realize they have real-world skills. Best of all, you’ll get household chores done in no time!

7) Play Fantasy Dress Up

Putting your kid in front of a camera can be scary. You’re putting your child in front of a group of total strangers and you want them to look their best! That’s why I think you should play fantasy dress up with your kids before they have to do it for real. 

Instead of thinking about what they’ll wear on a shoot, use your time to figure out which type of clothing looks best on them. It also helps you understand how they move and will help you when it comes time to set up lights and backgrounds that complement their body shape. Remember, modelling is all about being comfortable, so building up their self-confidence can pay off big later down the line. If she likes pink polka dots, let her wear pink polka dots!

8) Give Direction Through Puppets And Costumes

Acting and modelling can be a nerve-wracking business for a child. Parents should do everything they can to make their children feel at ease in front of a camera or on stage. Give direction through puppets, costumes, and humour. 

Children who feel like they’re part of something will have an easier time feeling comfortable in front of an audience. It also makes it more fun for both you and your kids to experiment with different types of media rather than just sticking to photos or video shoots. Kids are like sponges—the more variety you offer them, the more readily they’ll accept different projects to keep up with their ever-expanding skillset.

9) Get Rid Of Limiting Beliefs And Fears That Could Hinder Performance

Some children are told they can’t do something, or that what they want to do is a silly dream. If you have a child who wants to become an actor or model, you may feel he or she doesn’t have what it takes. 

The truth is, everyone has all that it takes if given half a chance. Remind your child of their strengths and convince them to believe in themselves, but try not to push your interests onto them; instead of telling them they should pursue acting because you love it so much, focus on encouraging and supporting them as they seek their own goals. Set aside funds for extra tuition if need be, and consider getting in touch with Bubblegum Casting’s kids modelling and acting agency.

10) Role Models Are Important

If your child is interested in acting or modelling, you should try to make sure that he or she has a positive role model. This is especially important if your child does not have any immediate family members who are in show business, and even more so if your child will be meeting with an agent for a commercial audition.


When it comes to modelling and acting, children need to be confident and have a strong self-image. There are many ways you can promote your child’s confidence in their appearance and ability, whether it’s through extracurricular activities, physical activity or outside interests.

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