10 Living Room Plant Ideas That Work Amazingly Well

The living room is the most noticeable interior of a home. There are plenty of ways to decorate it, but your base ideas should include flowers. To make a simple space look incredible, get creative with plants so that it flows with your current design.

A Mixed Garden

Buy native plants online as a variety so that they stand out in your living space. Finding your own ‘Brady Bunch’ of flowers is the best way to show off a controlled variety of plants.

Hanging Plants

Hanging plants are common, but they aren’t always done right. This idea means finding plants that look good without needing a lot of maintenance. Balance beauty with lush colors to make this plant idea work in any room.

Creative Pots

Sometimes you just have to start with the basics. A plant in a pretty pot will go a long way and doesn’t require the actual plant to be perfect. Put some work into finding a great pot and everything else will level out.  

Living Room Plant1

Make Use of Branches

For modern homes, minimalism has become the favorite type of decoration. Tear off a branch of a plant and put it in a pot for a simple but stunning effect.

A Comfortable Bench

Do you like displaying your plants in their own specific space? Take a bench and find a corner of your room that will accommodate this decoration. You can even add a little design to the wall that the bench rests on.

The Shelf

Before elf on a shelf, there were plants on the fireplace. But any shelf will do if you want to enhance the look of a particular area. Surrounding a family picture with plants is a great way to draw attention to it in any room.

Large Plants

Large plants are spectacles that rely on good positioning. Putting them by the sofa gives off a great feel when you want the space to look alive. Due to the size, the pot that’s used becomes an important part of the combo.

Living Room Plant2

Pick A Corner

When you have a good variety of plants, every corner of your house becomes an opportunity. Add a plant to any corner of your home that looks bare. It takes away the awkwardness of the space and makes it beautiful.

Faking Isn’t Bad

Sometimes a fake plant is a better choice than a real one. For a low-maintenance plant upgrade, choose fake plants as an alternative. The stigma of having fake plants in your home has been erased for years. Nowadays, it is hard to tell the difference between plant types unless you examine them up close. Mix and match as needed so that you aren’t overwhelmed with upkeep.

Run With a Theme

Put some thought into the plant type and color. Modern homes have a different color and layout than traditional ones. If a room has a theme, then the plants added should enhance the area without taking away from its original concept.

Use Your Imagination

It’s your home, and your say is the only thing that matters. Create an idea around plants, or enhance your current setup with the use of plants. The end result will always be a masterpiece from your own hands. 

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