10 Essential Kitchen Appliances for Small Kitchens

Many people nowadays are building small houses with tiny kitchens and this can be a huge challenge especially when it comes to matters storage. If you are a homeowner or a renter, you do not have to worry so much or deprive yourself of the essential appliances which are meant to make your work easier and faster especially in our modern fast-paced lifestyle.

These appliances are not only ideal for homes but also restaurants and bakeries and Village Bakery has clearly shown their effectiveness and why everyone needs them. The compact kitchen appliances have proved their worth and if you are struggling to equip your kitchen due to space, then these 10 choice options will prove to be very valuable. They include:

Pot rail

Small Kitchen Pot rail

If you are looking for a kitchen workhorse, then a pot rail will be a great pick for a small kitchen. This can be mounted on the countertop and used to store almost anything that can be hang using a hook. The rail can also be used for the storage of actual pots by simply mounting it on the wall. It not only saves you space but also makes your items more easily accessible as you work in the kitchen.

Countertop oven

Small Kitchen Countertop oven
You may have heard about wall ovens and wondered how you can enjoy using one in your kitchen with your limited space. Well, worry no more for there are some great new-generation countertop ovens which you can use not only for toasting but also for other purposes. The new countertop oven has modes such as broiling, baking, toasting, and roasting among others. This compact kitchen appliance comes in manageable dimensions of 18.5 x 16.25 x 11.25 inches.

Cabinet shelf

Small Kitchen Cabinet shelf
You can get a small cabinet shelf that’ll perfectly double the cabinet space for you. This will definitely save you the burden of lifting your stack of plates as you try to reach the one you want at the bottom. The cabinet shelves are available in varying sizes and you can pick the one that best serves your needs and also saves space as you desire.

Kitchen Cart

Small Kitchen Kitchen Cart
A kitchen cart will definitely transform your small kitchen and save you much space. It gives you counter space and also creates more storage space for you thus serving more than one purpose. The kitchen cart doesn’t have to be complicated and you can choose the size that best suits your needs and fits within your space.

Stand mixer or handheld mixer

Small Kitchen Stand mixer
An electric mixer makes your work absolutely easy and fast. While it’s possible for you to mix by hand, owning an electric mixer is a game changer when it comes to baking. If you love baking, then you will find this appliance to be a good addition to your small kitchen.

Immersion or countertop Blender

Small Kitchen countertop Blender
A powerful countertop blender is a great appliance as it can multitask when you want to perform kitchen duties. You can easily puree a lot of sauces and soups, make smoothies and even grind grains when you need flour. If you want convenience, an immersion blender will come in handy as it’s also unwieldy. It can be used to puree applesauce, whip cream and do a lot more.

Food Processor

Small Kitchen Food Processor
A food processor is a magical tool for any kitchen and it is possible to get one that best suits your needs and fits within your space. You can do almost anything you imagine with a food processor especially if you are for pesto, sauces, chopped mixes and dips. A processor will cut down your food preparation time amazingly.

Pressure cooker

Small Kitchen Pressure cooker
Pressure cookers have become an essential appliance in any kitchen today. Yes, anyone who has used one will definitely tell you how valuable it is and why it deserves to be in the top ten list of the essential kitchen appliances. Not only will it save you space but also time and money especially on energy.

An electric kettle

Small Kitchen electric kettle
Very essential by all standards and you will realize that once you have one, it’s usage makes your work fast and very easy. An electric kettle is not only helpful when you want to save space but also s energy efficient compared to when you boil water on your stove. Whenever you need to boil water fast for making tea, coffee or cooking something, a kettle comes in very handy.

Compact dishwasher

Small Kitchen Compact dishwasher
A compact dishwasher is very essential for any kitchen especially a small one. You can get a countertop dishwasher which accommodates 6 plates at once and this will serve your needs well and save on space. If a dishwasher is important to you and your space can’t handle the full-size models, then a countertop one will be fantastic.

These are some of the best and must-have village bakery appliances for small kitchens and will help make your work easy and faster. You can get the best models that are capable of handling tough jobs with a guarantee of durability.

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