10 Easy Organization Hacks for Your Kitchen

A kitchen is the most used area of the house. Many not only cook there but also dine and entertain. However, the kitchen is most vulnerable to get disorganized and cluttered. Keeping it organized seems like a task that never gets completed. 

Here, we share ten easy organization hacks for your kitchen that are bound to make your life simpler and kitchen looking neat and tidy. Read on!

  • Start with a plan

Look at your kitchen with a critical eye and then divide it into sections. For instance, one shelf of a cabinet could be your baking section. Keeping all baking ingredients and bakeware there would help you find everything at one go. Likewise, one could be your spices area, one cereal, and so on. It will help you look for any particular item in the right section and not the whole kitchen!

  • Discard excess items

Every inch of the kitchen space is vital. Loading it with broken, old, and non-usable stuff is cluttering and creating a mess. Getting rid of them would help create valuable space that you can use more constructively. 

  • Use Storage Boxes liberally.

Storage boxes are an excellent tool to keep things organized. Big and bulky items like baking tins, cutting boards, lids, etc., always seem to slide, thrown off, dented, and even lost in the clutter. But when they are stored in large canvas or plastic storage boxes vertically, they occupy minimal space and are super easy to find whenever you need one. 

  • Drawer dividers are useful.

Whether it’s your cabinet shelf or kitchen units, using dividers helps you allot space for each item and stay organized. You get all sizes of dividers that you can choose to your preference. It creates subspace and blocks of mingling and mixing of items. For instance, the drawer cabinet, when divided, can give you separate space for cutleries, cooking spoons, sharp objects like knives, scissors, etc. It will make things seamless when cooking.

  • Use magnet and magnet organizers

Magnets are highly useful to use non-usable space and declutter your kitchen. For instance, you get magnetic racks for paper towels, aluminum foils, etc., that you can stick on the refrigerator door and sides. It will not only clear counter space but also make these essential items always handy for use. 

Simultaneously, you can stick small spices and condiments bottles on the fridge or under the cabinet, or even on the top of the inner cabinet wall. It will make for easier access to them and free up valuable space inside the cabinet to store more things. 

  • Utilize vertical space to the maximum

Be it your cabinet or countertop; there is plenty of vertical space that goes to waste. Utilizing them properly would keep things clutter-free and organized. For instance, you can use table racks that are designed to mount a microwave and an oven on top of each other and still provide an upper shelf to put items of regular use. 

Likewise, two-tiers and three-tier organizers are available that creates two or three rows inside the cabinet. It’s like getting two-fold or three-fold space to store more items. 

  • Hanging Pot Racks can be stylish.

Do you own pretty and stylish pots and pans? In that case, you can get a hanging pot rack. You can hang large pots and pans there to save plenty of cabinet space. As a bonus, they would serve a dual purpose as excellent décor!

  • Make use of stackable transparent food storage container

Using stackable and transparent containers for storing kitchen staples helps keep things tidy and organized. They are stylish to look at, occupy minimal cabinet space as they can be stacked on top of each other. The transparency helps you locate items faster and not waste time searching. 

  • Hang a shoe organizer behind the door

A shoe organizer can do much more than storing the shoes. Use it to store various nitty gritty items, small packets of chips, biscuits, etc. In the kitchen. You would stay organized yet find things handy. 

  • Don’t forget the under-the-sink space

We use our sink but the area under it is almost forgotten by us. Thankfully, there are plenty of under-the-sink organizers available that give you ample space beneath to store dust bins, and other cleaning accessories, soaps, brooms, etc., without it looking dirty or disorganized. Based on the space available and your requirements, you will be spoiled for choice on Amazon. 

Final words

Once you get going, you will soon realize how easy it is today to fill up a small space with quite a bit of essentials and still remain organized and tidy. A little thought and creativity are all it takes to have a stylish looking, organized and functional kitchen. 

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