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10 Cool Painting Ideas for Homes in Stockholm

10 Cool Painting Ideas for Homes in Stockholm

Homes in Stockholm are a worldwide desire and since you got one now obviously you will be looking for some awesome paint jobs for the place. When it comes to painting, one shouldn’t feel limited to white and other neutral colors when painting the house. With correct lighting and accessories any paint color will work on the walls of your home.

Interestingly, dark colors adds up to the architectural view of a plain room regardless of its size. While painting you don’t necessarily need to stick to the basic techniques of painting, adding some style with techniques such as stencils, striping, color blocking and accent walls you can achieve visual expansion of the house.
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You can also play around with the appearance of the width or length of the room by painting large horizontal stripes and using similar colors that compliment the room and its accessories.

Make good use of the tips and ideas we are providing here and you can look for a Målare Stockholm as well to make things a bit easier.

1. The home office:

Having a home office will not only maintain a professional vibe but will also maintain a very professional vibe. Use a neutral color especially light colors with a lot of white and grey trims which can enhance the natural lighting of the space and give a refreshing look and enhance the productivity of the space.

2. Romantic bedroom:

The bedroom doesn’t necessarily need an elaborate paint scheme to have the romantic vibe. You can make you bedroom appealing by using light colors that will make the space look luxurious and will feel spacious.

3. The laundry room:

You can try some fresh colors on your laundry room to make it look fresh, colors like lime green, cherry red and aqua breeze are some good options that will compliment the space.

4. The mudroom:

For the mudroom to look cheerful you can try a natural green color scheme as it will not change the dynamic color scheme and add appeal to the entry.

5. Gray living room:

A gray shade in the living room will give it a modern look also making it light on the eyes and a spacious feel.

6. Sunny kitchen:

A warm yellow shade on the kitchen walls would look great with white cabinets, a weathered gray floor and subway-tile walls. To choose the right shade of yellow for your kitchen, sample the yellow shades first then increase the intensity if necessary.

7. The guest room:

A nostalgic pink shade brings in a sweet welcoming style to the guest room. This color will not be a great choice for the master bedroom so why not spruce up the guest room with the same.

8. Wall striping:

Striping or giving a stencil accent can make any room look larger and will add interest to the space. You can try neutral stripes or neutral stencils that draws attention and also provides a unique look to a room.

9. The dining:

You can use a contemporary or a traditional theme on the dining and to add more flare to it, add with gorgeous wall color that compliments the dining set and lamps that go with the color.

10. The master suite:

After a long day at work, we need the master suite to be relaxing instead of being too vibrant. Look for light shades that are easy on the eyes and also manage the accessories in the room accordingly.
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Painting a house in Stockholm isn’t a very difficult task, you can call in professionals if necessary or just do it on your own. The color schemes have a great role to play in our mood and mindset. Choose wisely and give your home the unique look you desire.

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