10 Best Home Design and Decorating Apps

We spend a lot of time choosing the desired interior design for our apartment or house on the Internet. Websites have been replaced by free mobile apps designed to create your dream apartment. Follow this link to learn how to create effective mobile apps that form a positive company’s image in the digital sphere: https://litslink.com/services/app-development

It is enough to install several applications on a smartphone or tablet in order to sketch a mood board, choose a colour solution, and calculate the required amount of finishing materials. Huge galleries of decor and textures with an endless number of room layout options can perfectly visualize any space.

So, how can mobile apps help you to design and decorate your apartment or house? Read our article to know more about it.



Homify is one of the new design apps, in which you will find many home improvement ideas and projects. The app includes a library of over 1.5 million photos of various interiors and architectural projects. You can save your favourites, explore the latest design trends. The app can recommend home decorators, interior designers or other professionals. You can save the material found in it for future use.


Have you seen an interesting accessory or piece of furniture, a beautiful shade or wallpaper pattern, and want to save it? The app lets you upload your photo to your collage immediately. An app contains a huge number of ideas on various topics such as home improvements, and design ideas, architectural elements, ideas for creating furniture, and much more. From it you can glean a lot of useful tips on decor, the implementation of which will turn out to be not so difficult and affordable for any budget.


The Roomstyler app doesn’t just create moodboards. This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to sketch out very realistic 3D renderings. Roomstyler markets itself as an inspiration and social media site for designers. Here you can share your work and follow the work of other designers, exchange opinions, and simply view the saved interiors of rooms from all over the world.

Planner 5D

Planner 5D
Planner 5D is easy to use a mobile app to make simple 3D renderings. Planner 5D allows you to plan renovations or rearrangements, select furniture and decor items from a regularly updated catalogue, apply different textures and colours. And after saving the project, you can send it or continue working in the web version from any device.

RoomScan Pro

The application will help you measure all parameters of the room and create a drawing: just hold your iPhone or iPad against the walls, press a button and wait for a sound signal. If the room has protruding corners, each must be measured separately. The app receives data using the built-in gyroscope and Apple GPS module. The error is up to 10 cm, but after purchasing the professional version, the laser rangefinder will make perfectly accurate plans.

Adobe Capture CC

A very convenient and multifunctional program, extremely easy to use, which helps to choose a harmonious colour scheme for the interior. Having one or two predetermined colours, you can find several others, suitable according to different colour schemes, and complement the colour map of the room. All created colour combinations can be saved and adjusted later.

IKEA Home planner

Interiors created using IKEA software can be saved as a project and added to the store’s server. By applying the company’s catalogue to it, you can evaluate how this or that thing will look in a particular room. Having picked up the necessary furniture and decor, you can immediately calculate the cost and go to the nearest IKEA store.


The application will help you identify and compare the colour in the photo with samples from well-known brands in order to choose the one you want or find a similar shade.
ColorSnap contains a library of palettes, the colours of which can be “tried on” in virtual rooms, estimate the tone in a day and night lighting, and even calculate the amount of paint to cover a particular space.

Renovations 3D

Renovations 3D is intended both for the development of design projects for future housing and for redevelopment or improvement of existing ones. Here you will get the opportunity to see your design ideas in 3D, create and plan rooms, furnish them, and decorate them. Its advantage is compatibility with the popular computer application Sweet Home 3D, which means that you can transfer your projects between them, working on design ideas and at home, sitting at the computer, and on the road using your smartphone.

Home Design 3D

Home Design 3D is one of the most popular apartment design apps. In it, you draw rooms and open spaces of your home in 2D or 3D. Then you fill the space with furniture and decor items using a database of over 1000 items. You can also edit objects to change their shape to help you decide, for example, whether the sofa you like suits your interior. The Home Design 3D application is convenient in that it can work offline without access to the Internet.
Home Design 3D
Mobile apps for home design and decorating make it easy for designers, as well as those who have decided to make renovations at home, to plan your layout and then bring that layout to life. They allow you to draw, fill with objects, and visualize a dream apartment in a browser or via a smartphone. Using these apps you will know the key interior arranging tips and tricks that will only help make the design process smoother.

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