ZED East: What You Need to Know

After its outstanding success in Sheikh Zayed, Ora developers are initiating their expansion in New Cairo with their newest project: ZED East.

ZED East’s Developers

Ora Developers is a leading name in the Real Estate industry in Cairo. It brings world-class mastery to every landmark project they work on. The founder of Ora Developers is Naguib Sawiris who is also the chairman of Orascom Telecom. Ora Developers is the first real estate developer by Naguib Sawiris and their real estate game in Cairo has become formidable.

ZED East

ZED New Cairo Location

ZED New Cairo Location

Zed East spreads on almost 400 Acres and is masterfully located in New Kattameyya. The project will strategically fall in front of –the now landmark – Hyde Park.

ZED East’s Amenities

Zed East has its own club, which will cover 50 acres on its own. Though no information is confirmed yet, if we take ZED Sheikh Zayed as a precedent, the project promises to be self sufficient, with a variety of facilities to look forward to.

ZED East’s Properties

Zed East will cover Apartments, Standalone Villas, Townhouses and Twin Houses. The Apartments will range from single to triple bedrooms. Regarding the apartment buildings, they will be formed of ground floors in addition to 8 floors on top. The Villas, on the other hand, with their various types, will range from 170 meter square to 350 meter square as a total Built Up Area. All units will come fully finished, with spectacular finishing to look forward to.

The expected units’ delivery will be within 4 years. Zed East will officially launch in March 2020. With that being said, the expected demand for the project is pretty high, so make sure you put in your name with Cooing to have first dibs!
ZED East’s Properties

ZED East in a Nutshell

Coming from a highly established global developer, ZED New Cairo promises both individuality and luxury. Since it is following the reputation of ZED Sheikh Zayed, ZED East is already awaited with quite high expectations. To meet such expectations with a let-down is not even an option for this project, as it in no way will be the last of Ora’s projects in Egypt.

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